Parking Lot Cleaning: How Cleaning Makes Parking Lot Surfaces Last

Parking lots often get ignored in the commercial cleaning equation for any number of reasons. However, the condition of a business’ parking lot can speak volumes about its priorities. Once a parking lot begins to deteriorate, it can further fall apart at an exponential rate, creating safety hazards and leading to costly repairs and even legal penalties. Let’s explore how routine cleaning helps make parking lot surfaces look their best and last a long time.

Preventing Erosion

A neglected parking lot is bound to be riddled with debris, including fine dust, dirt, glass shards, various articles of trash -- the list goes on. Over time, this debris breaks down and wears on the parking lot’s surfaces. This wear and tear is further aggravated by the wind, which carries debris to and from the parking lot. These constant abrasions lead to erosion and leave the surfaces more vulnerable to further harm. If and when it snows, for instance, and a business lacks the capacity for snow removal, the moisture from the melting ice will penetrate the damaged parking lot and erode it further. The best way to keep your parking lot strong and secure is to clear away debris whenever possible and invest in snow plowing services to remove pressure and minimize moisture intrusion.

Killing Bacteria and Fungi

Parking lots can quickly become breeding grounds for hazardous materials and organisms like bacteria and fungi. Your janitorial services should do their part to keep such elements away from your business by keeping both your interior and exterior surfaces clean and sanitary, including your parking lot surfaces. Letting these unwanted actors run rampant only allows them to grow in numbers and enter nearby waterways, harming the environment. So, keeping your parking lot clean protects your surfaces, keeps your employees and customers safe, and helps your local environment.

Keeping Pests at Bay

Microorganisms aren’t the only problematic visitors that can plague a parking lot, however. Pests, such as insects and rodents, can also populate your parking lot if you let cleanliness go by the wayside. Food waste, garbage, and debris blown over by the wind attracts mice, rats, and various insects. Once these pests have gotten comfortable around your parking lot, they won’t just deter customers -- they can also deteriorate your parking lot surfaces by burrowing, chewing, scratching, etc. If you want your parking lot to last, you need to get rid of any pest problems you have, which begins by maintaining clean surfaces.

Limiting Litter

In fact, maintaining a clean lot can create a positive feedback loop that discourages litter. After all, people are more likely to leave their trash on the asphalt if a lot is already riddled with it. By upping your exterior trash and debris removal efforts, you keep your lot clean and clear, which sends a signal to others that littering should not be commonplace nor will it be tolerated outside your establishment. Ultimately, these efforts result in less litter overall, which minimizes the presence of pests and microorganisms and reduces erosion. Your business’ parking lot is the first surface your employees and customers encounter before entering your building. If you let it fall apart, your business may follow suit. Don’t allow this to happen. Keep your parking lot clean and sturdy all year-round by partnering up with reliable cleaning services. The Budd Group offers full-service cleaning services to businesses in all industries. We offer parking lot cleaning, trash removal, snow removal, pest control, and so much more. To learn more about our parking lot cleaning services and everything else we can do for your facilities, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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