Parking Lot Cleaning

It’s a given that businesses must maintain clean, sanitary interiors to retain customers and maintain a great reputation. But customers care about more than just what’s inside. A parking lot is the first thing a customer encounters before entering a business, and the state of this exterior space can encourage or discourage someone from coming inside. On top of that, a dirty, debris-filled parking lot can attract pests and rodents, creating a safety hazard for employees and customers alike.

Therefore, maintaining a clean parking lot is crucial for a business’s overall success. Parking lot cleaning is just one of The Budd Group’s many commercial cleaning services.

What Does Parking Lot Cleaning Entail?

At The Budd Group, we cover every aspect of parking lot cleaning. This includes regular trash and debris removal, sweeping, power washing, and commercial snow plowing services during and after heavy snowfalls. 

Litter and Trash Removal

By clearing away litter, we help keep the lot accessible and visually appealing. Maintaining a clean lot and providing more garbage and recycling bins near the storefront also discourages people from throwing their trash on the ground. Our waste removal services will ensure that trash cans get emptied before they overflow and spill into the lot.

Sweeping and Cleaning

Over time, dirt, debris, and moisture can cause a parking lot to deteriorate. A fractured, bumpy parking lot isn’t just an eyesore, but can also cause damage to vehicles as well as lead to tripping hazards. We use high-powered cleaning equipment to remove dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria from the asphalt or concrete.

Snow Removal

During the colder months, heavy snowfall can harm businesses by blocking access to their parking lots. An abundance of snow can also damage the lot itself as the ice mixes with oil and dirt and melts into the pavement. Our snow removal services keep parking lots clear of harmful materials while also allowing for safe entry and exit.

The Budd Group Difference

While some cleaning companies only offer a small number of services for their clients, The Budd Group is a full-service commercial cleaning and facility maintenance provider. Our team of highly-trained professionals helps businesses keep their property safe, clean, and beautiful both inside and out.

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