How to Tackle Condo Maintenance This Summer

Living in a condominium comes with plenty of perks, such as low insurance rates, ample amenities, and, in many cases, covered maintenance. If you’re in charge of overseeing a condo complex, many maintenance tasks fall on you. As summer approaches and activity increases, the amount of maintenance necessary to keep your condo complex in great shape tends to rise. With that in mind, here’s how to tackle condo maintenance this summer.

How to Keep Up Your Condo This Summer

Clarify Cleaning and Maintenance Responsibilities

When a tenant signs a condo contract, they agree to the various rules and regulations outlined by the association. These conditions cover a wide range of topics, including pet ownership, driveway/garage use, and condo unit cleaning responsibilities. For most condo complexes, individual owners or renters are charged with keeping their unit clean and in good shape. Common areas and landscapes, on the other hand, are typically under the jurisdiction of the association and their maintenance crew. It’s important for everyone involved to understand what’s expected of them so the entire complex is accounted for. In preparation for summer, it’s worth distributing notices to tenants reminding them of things they should take care of and what the condo association will handle to avoid confusion.

Inspect, Clean, and Update HVAC and Plumbing Systems

You or your association may be tasked with periodically inspecting utilities like HVAC and plumbing systems. Whatever the case, bringing in facility maintenance services to check on these systems is crucial before summer fully kicks in. Faulty air conditioning systems can become a serious cost burden for the condo association while making things extremely uncomfortable for those living in the complex as temperatures rise. The same goes for plumbing -- water should be efficiently and evenly distributed so every tenant can access what they need.

Keep Cool with Insulated Curtains

If you’re a tenant, consider making some adjustments to your individual unit to keep your interior cooler and safe from the harsh sunlight. Insulated curtains are a worthy addition in this regard, offering strong shade when you want it. Check with your condo association to make sure you have the go-ahead to make installations such as these.

Escalate Your Landscaping Efforts

Those in charge of condo complexes must increase their landscaping output during spring and summer as nature bounces back to life. It’s often best to outsource a comprehensive lawn maintenance service for these purposes. The best landscaping companies will handle everything from irrigation maintenance, mowing, pruning, pest management, soil testing, fertilization, and more. Staying on top of your summertime landscaping will help maintain and increase property values, boost tenant satisfaction, and minimize potential issues related to poor lawn management (i.e., pest infestation, water waste, allergens, etc.).

Hire a Dedicated Condo Maintenance Company

While it’s wise to hire landscaping services to keep your condo’s green spaces in check, it’s even better to seek a full-service condo maintenance provider who can oversee virtually every aspect of condo conservation. At The Budd Group, for instance, we provide a complete range of interior and exterior maintenance services to all industries and facilities, including condominium complexes. When hiring us to take care of your multifamily living space, we’re equipped to deploy condominium custodial teams, landscapers, facility managers, disinfection specialists, repair professionals, and more. Allow our dedicated staff to handle every aspect of condo maintenance that you and your tenants require. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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