How Stripping and Waxing Floors at Your Commercial Building Can Help Maintain Them

An effective and holistic floor maintenance program includes a variety of tasks, some of which occur each and every day (i.e., sweeping and mopping) and others which occur periodically (i.e., scrubbing, burnishing) -- at the root of it all is stripping and waxing. This twofold process (which should take place about twice a year or yearly) involves the removal of a floor’s previous layer of wax via a strong chemical solution and rotary floor machine, after which a fresh coat of wax is applied via mop or other applicator. Acrylic, vinyl, epoxy, linoleum, and VCT flooring are the primary floor types that require periodic floor stripping and waxing. Let’s go over how stripping and waxing your commercial building’s floors can help maintain them and make life easier for commercial floor cleaning services.

Provides a Fresh Finish

The most immediate benefit of stripping and waxing your floors once or twice a year is the significant improvement in appearance this process provides. A freshly waxed floor is clean and glossy, enhancing the interior atmosphere overall. Upon seeing these like-new floors, employees and customers might tread upon them more carefully for a while to preserve their beauty. Routine floor maintenance is still required right after a fresh waxing, but building maintenance staff will have an easier time doing their job thanks to the smooth finish.

Prevents Scratches, Scuffs, and Stains

The advantages of stripping and waxing aren’t merely cosmetic, of course. All floors wear down over time, especially in highly active areas with lots of foot traffic and machine use. As the floor’s topcoat withers away, the underlying substrate becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of damage, especially scratches, scuffs, and stains. These might seem like mere eyesores, but if the damage is deep enough, these issues can be difficult to resolve without needing to invest in costly repairs. By stripping and waxing your floors periodically, you can prevent these problems from occurring and ease the burden on your budget, commercial janitorial services, and/or repair providers.

Keeps Moisture and Chemicals at Bay

Liquid spills and other instances of moisture intrusion pose a major threat to all types of flooring. The individual tiles found in tile flooring, for instance, may break and/or begin to lift up if water makes its way between cracks and underneath the surface. Keeping your floors protected with a fresh coat of wax will prevent moisture from entering the substrate from above, so you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing tiles, filling cracks, and so on.

Makes Cleaning Much Easier

As mentioned earlier, the pristine topcoat that proper waxing provides reduces the amount of work a commercial floor cleaner has to do on a daily basis. More specifically, freshly waxed floors are non-porous, so dust and debris easily sweep away when the time comes. And because this smooth, well-guarded topcoat is resistant to water and other liquids, spill cleanups can be performed much more efficiently with little risk for staining or other complications. Ultimately, every regular floor maintenance task is made easier after stripping and waxing, which saves your business time, money, and resources.

Investing in an Efficient Floor Maintenance Program

Proper floor maintenance is essential for keeping your business safe, effective, and beautiful, but you don’t want to overextend your budget in the process. The best facility maintenance companies offer more than mere floor maintenance services -- at The Budd Group, for instance, in addition to our various floor care offerings, we help our clients develop a customized floor care program that’s optimized for their operations and budgetary needs. Stripping and waxing are a crucial part of these programs for most facilities. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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