How Our Recruiting Solutions Help Keep Your High Security Facility Safer

Facilities across industries may have any number of safety and security concerns. Manufacturing plants, for instance, may deal with corrosive chemicals that require delicate handling, pharmaceutical labs might contain sensitive information regarding medical research, and commercial buildings often house expensive goods and equipment. Regardless of your particular security needs, you don’t want to do anything that would put your people or assets in harm’s way -- this must be taken into account during the recruitment process, as the security of your facility largely depends on the people who operate within it.

At The Budd Group, we have over 50 years of experience seeking out and preparing production and facility support staff both for our business and for our clients. Here’s how our recruiting, hiring, and training solutions help keep your high security facility safer.

How The Budd Group Keeps Your High Security Facility Safer

We Find the Right People for the Right Job

The Budd Group has filled countless positions, from manufacturing jobs, machine operation, material handling, maintenance jobs, and more. No matter the position in question, our recruitment process remains the same. We only recruit highly qualified candidates for a given position and process them via thorough evaluation, reference-checking, and resume fact-checking. From there, we interview finalists to better evaluate their knowledge, skills, and overall fit with our client’s organization. If necessary, we also conduct background checks, drug tests, and onboarding for safety and security reasons. Depending on our role, we’ll then select or recommend the person to be hired. Simply put, the people we choose or condone for a given facility are qualified, reliable, and trustworthy in their roles so you can maintain peace of mind and focus on your business.

We Get to Know Your Facility, Protocols, and Needs

Every facility is unique, which is why we take the time to learn the ins and outs of each client’s building, culture, and operations. This way, whether we’re filling janitorial positions, assembly-line jobs, or anything else, we can select the best candidates and offer customized solutions for your safety and security needs.

We Can Train Staffers if Necessary

In some cases, clients will lack the bandwidth to train and oversee all of their employees, which is why our training services are highly sought after. Indeed, not only can we recruit, recommend, and hire key personnel for your facility -- we can also train and manage the people we hire if the need arises. And because we make it a priority to familiarize ourselves and our hires with each facility, we can provide the clearances and safety training necessary to keep your facility optimally secure.

Accountability Falls On Us

Though our recruitment track record is stellar, things can still go wrong inside a facility. In the unlikely event that your building experiences a security breach or safety problem, the buck stops with us whenever the issue is related to our role as recruiters. In other words, you can count on us to always make things right -- it’s our guarantee.

Support, Safety, and Security

The Budd Group takes safety and security just as seriously as all of our clients, which is why our facility support services are designed with safety and security in mind. Let us help you keep your high security facility safer. To learn more about our recruitment, hiring, training, and facility management offerings, give us a call today at 800-221-8158.

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