How Electrical Maintenance Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Electricity lies at the heart of every modern industrial and commercial facility, keeping the lights on, allowing machinery to operate, facilitating communication, and more. Unfortunately, all of this electricity comes at a cost, and mismanaging your electrical systems can cause those costs to spike. Moreover, faulty electrical systems can throw a wrench in your operations, forcing you to shut down for significant periods of time and lose valuable data. Like any other aspect of your facility, proper maintenance holds the key to ongoing efficiency and cost savings. Let’s explore how effective electrical maintenance can affect your bottom line for the better.

Benefits of Electrical Maintenance

Regulate Power Usage

Energy costs can become a major drain on your bottom line if your systems aren’t optimized and in proper working order. Staying on top of preventative maintenance (e.g., cleaning, part replacement, lubrication, etc.), predictive maintenance (like periodically inspecting systems for signs of failure), and reliability centered maintenance (RCM) (such as analyzing system performance) helps ensure that your electrical systems and all their components aren’t under- or overperforming. To keep your power usage in check, facility maintenance services who specialize in electrical systems will closely examine and adjust breaker panels, transformers, meters, circuit breakers, voltage regulators, switches, wiring distribution, grounding and overcurrent protection, and more.

Promote Workplace Safety

Safety should be one of your main priorities not only to protect your people’s well-being but also to minimize costs related to workplace injury. Electrical malfunctions make up a significant portion of workplace accidents across industries each year and can also lead to fires. There are multiple ways to reduce this hazardous liability; the first is proper training. All personnel should understand the potential danger of contacting electrical components and know how to read warning signs and properly turn systems on and off. Proper facility maintenance is the other primary method of preventing electricity-related injuries and damages. By regularly inspecting, adjusting, repairing, and optimizing your electrical systems, you reduce the risk of hazards such as loose/broken wires, overcurrents/overheating, malfunctioning machinery, and so on.

Retain Constant Communication

Maintaining strong communication is essential for propping up your bottom line. P.A. systems, video surveillance, mail systems, telecommunications, data collection and storage, etc. all fall under the umbrella of communication. If any of these systems falls out of order, your business and its people can miss out on key information. Ultimately, this miscommunication can balloon into serious misunderstandings and security concerns; consider what might happen if your closed-circuit recording system stops working, for instance. Proper electrical maintenance will ensure that all of your communication methods remain online.

Bolster Your Backup Plan

A partial or full facility shutdown can cause a major blow to your bottom line in more ways than one. For one thing, an electrical failure can cease your operations, costing you real dollars every second your facility remains offline. Beyond this, a sudden lack of power may render your products and/or materials useless (e.g., materials that must be kept at a specific temperature), forcing you to waste significant resources. Power failures can also delete key data, permanently damage equipment, spark a fire, and more. The stronger your backup plan, the better. Establishing a strong building maintenance plan for speciality and secondary electrical systems such as standby/backup generators, battery-powered systems, alarms and security systems, overall surge protection, etc., will keep your operations moving, keep your people safe, and protect your business from data loss and other liabilities.

The Power of Electrical Maintenance

Your business’ bottom line is inextricably linked to the condition of its electrical systems. At The Budd Group, our electrical facility management programs provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to electrical maintenance. To learn more about our various services and everything else that we do for our clients, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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