Floor Care: 5 Ways Experienced Janitorial Teams Improve Facility Flooring

Janitorial teams are integral to a facility's overall operations and success. Without a competent, experienced janitorial staff, businesses across industries would struggle to retain customers, stay on schedule, ensure the health and safety of their people, and comply with all industry regulations. That said, even those who understand the importance of janitorial duties might not realize the full scope of this line of work. The best janitorial services are able to cover all the bases of facility maintenance and cleanliness, including an often overlooked aspect: floors. It’s easy to take floors for granted since they’re always beneath us, but poorly kept floors can quickly become a safety hazard as well as an eyesore. With that in mind, here are five ways experienced janitorial teams improve facility flooring.
  1. Removing Dirt, Dust, and Bacteria Regularly
Facilities that receive heavy foot traffic day in and day out require daily floor cleaning to stay ahead of the curve. A business might hire dedicated commercial floor cleaning services or full-service janitorial providers to handle this frequent task. Either way, those in charge of cleaning floors must be equipped to handle different types of flooring. For instance, the process for cleaning carpets is different from that of cleaning concrete floors, and so on. Still, the goal is the same for cleaning all types of floors -- to remove the daily intake of dirt, dust, debris, bacteria, etc. Staying on top of this maintenance minimizes safety hazards and ensures that the floor retains its integrity.
  1. Cleaning Up Spills Immediately
Accidents happen in every industry, but some accidents are more severe than others. Spilled liquid, for instance, can vary in severity depending on the liquid’s composition (i.e. water or chemicals) and how long it lingers on a given floor. In any case, the sooner said spill is cleaned up, the better. While a traditional commercial floor cleaner might not be expected to tend to a facility’s floors at all times, experienced janitorial teams are equipped to solve problems like this at a moment’s notice. Something as seemingly small as cleaning up a spill on time can improve facility flooring significantly.
  1. Protecting Floors from Various Threats
Reliable janitorial teams can also improve facility flooring by performing preventative maintenance that protects floors from harm (i.e. moisture, thermal shock, pests, impact). These duties might include stripping and waxing floors, restoring tile and grout, buffing floors, etc. Taking the time to update and restore floors is crucial for increasing longevity and durability.
  1. Improving Appearances
Appearances shouldn’t be the only thing a business worries about, but they certainly do matter. Maintaining fresh-looking floors is good for workplace morale and for one’s reputation. So, when it comes to performing routine office cleaning, experienced janitorial teams do not ignore the floors, knowing full well what a difference clean floors can make.
  1. Enhancing Visibility and Safety
Last but definitely not least, experienced janitorial companies improve facility flooring by making it safer and easy to see. When properly cleaned, floors should provide more (not less) friction, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, well-maintained floors are more visible, so it’s easier for all employees to see where they’re going -- a key component of workplace safety. Of course, clean floors are less likely to contain or attract harmful microorganisms that may affect the air quality of a facility and the health of those inside. The continued success of your facility depends on well-maintained floors, which in turn depends on experienced janitorial teams. If you want cleaner, safer, better-looking floors, work with a janitorial provider with the knowledge and experience to tackle any and all types of flooring, from carpet to tile to concrete to hardwood to vinyl, etc. -- work with The Budd Group. To learn more about our floor care programs and everything else we can do for your facilities, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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