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A clean office is a productive office. You want your workplace to be as tidy, sanitary, and safe as possible. Many businesses realize that they can only keep the office so clean on their own. This is when it’s time to outsource office cleaning services. But you can’t hire just any office cleaner. You hire the best people for your business, so you want the very best janitorial companies on your team. Here are five traits to look for when choosing your provider.

1. Thorough

It’s simple: the job has to be done well. It should go without saying, but you should only hire an office cleaning service if they do a thorough job every time. Of course, you can’t know directly whether this service will ignore the details or keep your office spotless. You can, however, do some online sleuthing and find some reviews from current and past customers to get an idea.

2. Experienced

This trait relates closely to the previous one. After all, knowing how to truly clean a place thoroughly requires some experience. The best office cleaning companies wear their different experiences like merit badges. You might see their accreditation on their website or testimonials from previous customers. The more experienced the service, the more equipped it will be to handle challenges. It’s unlikely they’ll run into a problem they haven’t seen before. They’ll also be able to confidently answer any questions you may have.

3. Flexible

Every company and office is different. Some are big, others are small, and hours of operation can vary widely. You need to hire janitorial services that are flexible enough to fit your business’ needs. Find out early on whether a candidate could clean your offices at the times you require and if any of your needs can’t be met. Flexibility isn’t just about scheduling. It’s also about the range of services provided. Does the provider simply clean floors, surfaces, and bathrooms, or does it offer more comprehensive cleaning services, facility support, landscaping, and more? If so, you might consider hiring the company with the most resources and highest number of services to save you time and money.

4. Excellent Equipment

New, high-quality equipment costs more to rent or own, and some of those costs are passed on to you when hiring a cleaning service. However, the best cleaning is done with the best equipment. Hiring a service lacking in tools or new gear means it will take longer for them to get the job done. It also means the job won’t get done as well. In the end, you want to choose the service with the best equipment, even if it costs you a bit more upfront. In the long-term, you’ll save money.

5. Licensed and Insured

Lastly, you don’t even want to consider a commercial office cleaning provider that isn’t licensed and insured. Without either of these things, a company cannot guarantee its quality of service and you, the business, will lack peace of mind. If anything goes wrong on the job (someone gets injured, let’s say), that cost will end up falling on you if the service doesn’t have insurance. Don’t bother taking this risk. If you’re still looking for the best office cleaning service provider, look no further than The Budd Group. Our experienced teams work with our customers to understand their needs and provide the most thorough service using state of the art equipment. Janitorial services are just one of the many things we can do for our customers. To learn more, give us a call at 800-221-8158 or send us an email at!

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