Coronavirus Disinfection: Still Open for Business? 6 Reasons to Hire an On-Site Disinfection Technician

If your company is part of an essential industry that’s still open for business during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safer at Home and Shelter-in-Place orders, it’s natural to be concerned. You need to serve your community, but you also need to minimize risk. There is an option that allows you to move forward and remain open. On-site disinfection can better protect against coronavirus spreading. There are many benefits to investing in this vital service.

#1 Improving Health and Safety

On-site disinfection is ongoing throughout the workday, so you are actively maintaining higher health and safety standards. By frequently wiping down, spray-misting, and cleaning door handles, restrooms, seating areas, lobbies, cafeterias, tables and other areas susceptible to frequent touching and high foot-traffic, you are taking continual steps to keep yourself, your staff, and your facility healthier.

#2 Stopping Spread of Germs Sooner

Essential businesses are simply unable to completely avoid people touching things, breathing, and coughing in their space. On-site disinfection can be done to clean surfaces as soon as possible after being used or touched. So you can have greater peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

#3 Care for Your Community

Deciding to move forward with on-site disinfection means you care for your community. It’s likely your visitors, customers, and team members will feel more comfortable doing their essential business if they can see you are taking steps to keep them safer and protect their health.

#4 Lower Liability

As a business owner, operator, or facility manager, you understand that what happens in your facility is your responsibility. Taking precautions like on-site disinfection helps lower your liability. Like any other protective measures you take for facility health and safety throughout the year, disinfecting is a proactive way to protect your reputation, and your stability as a business.

#5 Proven Methods

If you’re trying to maintain state, federal, and industry guidelines for cleaning during Coronavirus, it can get a little daunting. Working with an on-site disinfection technician takes out the guesswork. They know which disinfectants are proven to kill COVID-19, as well as their kill times, and all appropriate application methods. Their knowledge of best practices allows you to focus on serving your customers while ongoing, daily disinfection gets done.

#6 Customizable Planning

Disinfection companies are a great resource during this time of uncertainty as you adjust to COVID-19 regulations. They can help you plan and implement deep cleaning and disinfection that works for your facility size, budget, and the demands of your space. The Budd Group offers customized on-site disinfection services to help essential businesses continue to serve our community during this volatile time. As a part of our janitorial services for commercial and industrial sites, our expert disinfection technicians undergo extensive safety training. Our technicians utilize specialized equipment (including cleaning tools and protective gear) that protects them from coronavirus, so they can protect your facility. They use EPA-approved disinfectants known to kill Coronavirus, and are trained to use them to their maximum effect. Do what’s necessary to better protect your office or worksite. Work with a disinfection company who can start today. Contact The Budd Group now for your building disinfection proposal.

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