Community Service: Our Charlotte, NC Team Built a New Playground in Partnership with United Way

For over 50 years, The Budd Group has made a concerted effort to enrich the communities we serve. Our enterprise has expanded since its creation in 1963, but this commitment to community service holds true, reflected in both the quality of our work and the various community projects and initiatives in which we participate. This fall, our leadership team in Charlotte, NC, teamed up with United Way to build a brand new playground (complete with multiple slides) and rock garden at Sterling Elementary School. Thanks to the hard work and cooperation of dozens of community members, the entire project was finished in just one day, including the preparation, equipment assembly, installation, landscaping, and construction clean-up.

Witnessing the bright smiles of students as they tested out the brand new setup made the whole thing worth it for the entire crew. Our hope is that the local students and other kids will enjoy their new playground for many years to come, and we were honored to play a part in bringing it to life.

Our Commitment to Community Service

This recent project in tandem with United Way is just one example of The Budd Group’s long history with charitable groups and community service efforts. Our employees and leaders alike retain close ties to their communities, and we pride ourselves on steadfast, meaningful involvement in the places we live and operate. Ours is a single-minded aim of making the world a better place through volunteering, financial contributions, and selfless dedication to important causes.

This legacy of stewardship and community involvement harkens back to our founder, Richard Budd, whose mantra, “Do what you say you’re going to do,” informs all of our policies, actions, and ventures, both commercial and charitable. These words make up our “Make it Right Guarantee” -- indeed, we wish to make things right for our customers and communities in any way we can. As such, we are dedicated to supporting organizations in the communities we serve, with a special focus on those that work with children, support Christian values, and serve people in need. Some of the organizations we support include:

  • United Way

  • Younglife

  • The YMCA

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters

  • Boy Scouts of America

  • American Heart Association

  • JDRF

  • Mission Emanuel

  • ...and more!

Combining Our Expertise with Our Community Spirit

Harboring the will to improve one’s community is only half the battle. The right resources and skills are also required to truly make a difference. The Budd Group strives in both departments, which is why we’ve been able to support so many important causes over the decades. The premium services we offer our customers allow us to tackle charitable endeavors with efficiency and expertise. For this recent project with United Way, our team deployed its resources and knowledge in a number of fields to get the job done right and in record time.

Landscape debris removal was one such important task, seeing as key areas needed to be cleared and prepped prior to installation. Additional landscaping services came into play as well -- holes of specific depths and widths had to be dug to set the various legs of playground features in place. On top of that, both artistry and technical knowledge were necessary for the rock garden we created. The right types of rocks needed to be carefully placed to border the garden, and we filled the area with smaller stones before spreading the colorful, painted rocks around.

For other community service projects, The Budd Group has provided its expertise in areas such as irrigation, janitorial maintenance services, green cleaning, pressure washing, floor care, and so much more.

The Future of Our Community Involvement

The communities we serve will also stand to benefit from a helping hand. Today, as the country continues to recover from a global pandemic and its economic effects, this aid will be more essential than ever before. We’re proud to be among the many groups dedicated to making a difference whenever and wherever possible. To some, building a new playground for elementary school students might not seem like a major accomplishment, but for those kids, we’ve helped create countless memories, opportunities, and smiles. We look forward to finding additional ways to benefit the several communities we serve across Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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