Can Daily Office Cleaning Boost Employee Productivity?

You and your staff have a lot to handle on a day to day basis, so office cleanup might be your last priority. But, as it turns out, participating in daily office cleaning has been shown to increase employee productivity. Is it time to get into the habit of cleaning the office regularly?

Cleaner Spaces, Fewer Sick Days

Because bacteria and viruses are so tiny, we don’t often think about all the germs around us. While most of these are harmless, others can spread illness like wildfire, especially in an office setting. While no amount of cleaning can keep all germs at bay, regular office cleaning contributes to a safer, more sanitary environment. Keeping employees healthy isn’t just good for morale – it’s good for business. Sick days can take a toll on productivity for obvious reasons. Even the absence of one staff member can make a world of difference, putting more pressure on other employees. During cold and flu season, this number of sick days can multiply, putting all operations effectively on hold. By maintaining a clean office environment and providing ample sanitary supplies, you can mitigate the spread of disease and lower the amount of sick days used by you and your staff.

Organization and Productivity

Even if you manage to eliminate most sick days, a disorganized office doesn’t lend itself to a productive work day. In other words, general office cleaning shouldn’t just include sanitary measures, but also organizational ones. Desks should be equipped with filing cabinets and folders to keep documents in order. Each employee should be entitled to their own space that doesn’t impede on anyone else’s. Floors should remain clear of food scraps, dirt, and other items. All in all, each staff member should know where things are and where to put things if they’re out of place. Creating an office cleaning schedule can help maintain this order. Tasks can be assigned to teams or individuals daily, weekly, or monthly to keep tabs on the office’s organization. Most people work more productively in an organized environment. This might be for a multiple reasons. If things are labeled and ordered well, less time is wasted searching for particular items. Additionally, there are fewer distractions and stressors. A cluttered desk, whether yours or your coworker’s, can take the mind off of work and induce anxiety. If productivity is still down, you might want to look into different hr solutions in order to boost employee productivity.

Atmosphere and Mood

Daily office cleaning doesn’t just reduce sick days and keep the space in order, it also enhances the office’s atmosphere. A clean, bright, well-organized area has been shown to improve the overall moods of those in it. With better morale comes camaraderie, teamwork, and higher levels of productivity. There are plenty of things you can do to create a better work atmosphere, like wiping desks, keyboards, and tables daily, vacuuming on a weekly or as-needed basis, assigning small and varied cleaning tasks to staff members to share the burden evenly, and providing tissues and hand sanitizer to mitigate the spread of germs. For deeper cleaning projects, overnight cleaning services, and more, consider hiring an office cleaning agency. The Budd Group handles all office cleaning requirements and much more, including window cleaning, landscaping, and production support. Call us today at 800-221-8158, or send us an email at!

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