Why Some Education Facilities Implement Commercial Rubber Flooring

In a previous blog, we explored the various advantages of vinyl flooring for educational facilities. And while vinyl is certainly a good fit for many areas inside a school setting, this isn’t the only flooring material suited for schools; some rooms might require more flexibility, slip resistance, sound absorption, and more. Let’s examine why some educational facilities implement commercial rubber flooring inside their properties.

Benefits of Implementing Commercial Rubber Flooring in Education Facilities

Rubber Floors Can Withstand Heavy Foot Traffic

No matter the size of your school’s population, you can expect your building’s floors to undergo plenty of stress due to consistent foot traffic. If you don’t invest in high-quality flooring, your facility might require serious floor repairs or replacements before long. As such, it’s important to select a type of flooring that’s able to hold its own under constant pressure. The flexibility inherent in commercial rubber flooring makes this floor type highly durable, perfect for the hustle and bustle of most educational facilities.

Rubber Floors Absorb Sound

Schools can become loud, especially inside buildings and in between classes. While some level of noise is expected, too much noise can turn into a major distraction for those trying to study, lecture, or learn. Fortunately, commercial rubber floors dampen noise by absorbing sound waves (compare this to floors that reflect and amplify noise like hardwood and bare concrete). If you want to make your school a little less noisy, then commercial rubber floors are a solid investment, especially in more busy and open spaces.

Rubber Floors Contain High Levels of Friction

The safety of students and staff must always be top of mind in educational facilities. Slips, trips, and falls make up a large portion of injuries inside any facility, and schools are no exception. Investing in slip-resistant flooring will prevent most of these accidents from occurring. While most floor types can be provided with anti-slip properties via additives and other means, commercial rubber flooring is innately slip-resistant, exceeding the necessary coefficient of friction for proper school safety.

Rubber Floors are Easy to Maintain

The janitorial services found in any given school work hard to keep their facilities clean, sanitary, and safe for everyone inside. The easier it is to maintain these various spaces, the better they can do their job. Floors that require extensive measures to keep clean extract resources from your educational facility. Conversely, floors that are easy to maintain by janitorial staff and commercial floor cleaning services alike reduce long-term maintenance costs by streamlining processes. When properly sealed, commercial rubber floors offer smooth, non-porous surfaces that only require regular vacuuming and periodic deeper cleaning (far less than is needed for, say, carpeted floors). Ultimately, this floor type is low-maintenance compared to most of its counterparts.

Rubber Floors are Highly Customizable

Every educational facility could use a sort of branding to unify students and staff around a common cause. This school spirit is often best represented with a memorable color scheme and logo. You might further cement your school’s brand by having commercial flooring contractors imbue it into your floors. Commercial rubber floors come in a wide variety of colors and customization options, so you’ll have an easy enough time achieving your vision by going with rubber floors.

Revitalize Your School with Rubber Flooring

Different parts of your educational facility might require different types of flooring, but commercial rubber flooring certainly has a place somewhere in any kind of school. Whether you need help installing, repairing, or maintaining your school’s rubber flooring, look no further than The Budd Group. Our comprehensive commercial floor care programs are tailor-made for each and every client’s unique needs and goals.

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