Top 5 Steps to Take to Expedite Cleaning and Revamping Dorms at Your Education Facility

We’re rapidly approaching the end of another school year – a year that’s seen the return of in-person instruction, social gatherings, and dorm life for many. As on-campus students start to pack their things for the summer, your school’s maintenance staff must prepare to deeply clean these rooms so they’re in great shape for new residents in just a few months. Three months might seem like plenty of time for adequate dorm flipping, but with so many rooms and buildings to cover, the task can be deceptively difficult to pull off in time. Moreover, depending on your school’s budget, priorities, and regulations, certain dorm buildings may require renovation over the summer, adding to the workload for your institution’s maintenance staff.

In a prior post, “How We Help Facilitate Efficient Dorm Flipping Between College Breaks,” we explored the various services The Budd Group offers to meet your educational institution’s goals between semesters. Now, let’s go over the quickest methods for performing these many key tasks. Here are the top five steps to take for expediting dormitory cleaning and renovation at your education facility.

Top Five Steps to Take for Expediting Dormitory Cleaning and Renovation at Your Education Facility

1. Maintain Strong Cleaning Protocols Throughout the Year

In any endeavor, it’s never wise to try and pick up the pieces at the very end. Staying on top of things over the course of time lightens the load when it’s time to begin the final push. So, when it’s time to deep clean every inch of a dorm facility at the end of a school year, your commercial cleaning staff will have a much easier time getting the job done if most areas are already in decent condition. Most educational institutions must carefully consider how they deploy their annual budget (especially over the past two years), but cutting corners on ongoing cleaning and janitorial services will only increase costs when the time comes to flip and revamp dorms. Maintaining these strong cleaning protocols throughout the year is also imperative for maintaining student health and morale, as we discussed in our blog, “How Does Facility Quality Impact College Student Enrollment and Retention?

2. Keep Up with Dormitory Maintenance and Repairs

Cleaning tasks aren’t the only tasks to keep up with during the whole semester. Many universities across the U.S. were established in the 18th and 19th centuries (some are even older than that), and many of the dorms within these aging schools are equally as old. The more time that passes, the more renovations these dorms require to stay up to code. Common issues concern indoor air quality (IAQ), lighting, electricity, carpentry, windows, plumbing, and more. Tackling some of these repairs and renovations can be tricky during the school year, since students and guests may interfere with facility maintenance staffers. Nevertheless, waiting until summer to perform all (or even most) of these renovations is less than optimal, especially considering the urgency of certain tasks. Much like keeping up with regular cleaning, staying on top of periodic inspections and repairs will make those off-season renovations that much easier to complete.

3. Pressure Wash Dorm Exteriors

The dorm-flipping process is primarily concerned with cleaning interior surfaces, rearranging furniture, and repairing fixtures. That said, the insides of a dormitory facility aren’t the only areas that require cleaning between breaks. If you want to attract new students, impress guests, and maintain your institution’s reputation, on the whole, your cleaning efforts must extend to your building exteriors as well. Pressure washing is one of the most efficient commercial cleaning solutions available, blasting exteriors with strong streams of hot water and detergent that loosen up and remove dirt, grime, and mold. This task in particular is best performed when students and faculty aren’t on the premises since the strength of this cleaning method poses a safety risk to those nearby. Fortunately, most buildings only require a good exterior washing once or twice a year. Keeping the outside surface of your school’s facilities clean in this way will improve their appearance, preserve their integrity, and help prevent harmful materials from making their way inside (e.g., mold, mildew, pests).

4. Don’t Lose Sight of Landscaping

While we’re on the topic of outward appearances, landscaping maintenance services should also be a part of the discussion surrounding dormitory maintenance and renovation. Many dorms feature outdoor common areas where students and friends can gather to study, eat, and hang out. Proper landscaping makes these areas more functional, safe, and beautiful for everyone. Prioritizing best practices for landscaping throughout the year (e.g., seasonal irrigation, fertilization, pruning, trimming, mowing, soil testing, snow removal, installation, etc.) will ensure that the green spaces surrounding your school’s dorms remain lush and healthy at all times. Aside from specific installations and renovations, you may invest in, the landscaping work required between semesters shouldn’t significantly exceed what’s done during the rest of the year.

5. Prepare to Supplement Your Staffing

Maintaining proper cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping protocols at your school throughout the year relies on adequate staffing of competent, well-trained individuals. When it comes to cleaning and revamping dormitories over the summer, additional staffing might be necessary to expedite the process so all facilities are in great shape for the upcoming fall semester. More hands make light work, after all. Rather than scramble to hire dozens of new employees at the last minute, plan ahead and consider working with a company that can handle recruitment, vetting, hiring, placement, and training for you. At The Budd Group, our facility support programs help our clients receive the short- and long-term help they need to maintain beautiful, safe, functional facilities.

Doing Right by Your Dorms and Students

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