Stay Sanitary and Safe with Commercial Rubber Flooring in Your Industrial Kitchen

Industrial kitchens must prioritize safety and sanitation above all else for the sake of employees, customers, and the business’ reputation. A kitchen’s floors play a major role in determining the safety and cleanliness of the entire area. After all, industrial floors endure regular foot traffic, impact, food and liquid spills, and more. If your kitchen’s floors aren’t built to withstand these many pressures, your entire operation could be in jeopardy.

Let’s explore how commercial rubber flooring in particular can help you keep your industrial kitchen safe and sanitary.

How Commercial Rubber Flooring Can Keep Your Kitchen Safe and Sanitary

Guidelines for Industrial Kitchen Safety and Sanitation

First, let’s briefly go over what industrial kitchens must consider in the realm of safety and sanitation. Beyond keeping employees and customers happy for the sake of it, industrial kitchens must also abide by certain guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies to stay in business. While the details of these regulations may vary from one location to the next, they all aim to ensure the safety and health of all those directly involved.

In a nutshell, industrial and commercial kitchens must do everything possible to prevent food contamination, whether from other food products, raw materials, external contaminants (dirt, germs), etc. In terms of the physical safety of employees and customers, industrial kitchens must also be free from tripping and slipping hazards, and employees must be properly trained in the use of sharp objects like knives. Rigorous commercial kitchen cleaning protocols must be established and practiced to ensure proper and ongoing sanitation and safety.

Benefits of Commercial Rubber Flooring

So, how does commercial rubber flooring facilitate these sanitation and safety protocols? For one thing, rubber floors are highly resistant to water, helping to prevent moisture intrusion that can lead to contamination, mold, and more. Better yet, rubber floors are anti-microbial, keeping bacteria at bay. Commercial rubber floors are also easy to clean, so any dirt, dust, and other contaminants that land on your kitchen flooring won’t linger long (so long as you keep up with regular cleaning) -- cleaner floors translate to improved indoor air quality (IAQ). This ease of maintenance also reduces the odds of slipping hazards from liquid spills. Moreover, the anti-slip nature of commercial rubber flooring greatly reduces the risk of trips and falls on the job. Lastly, quality rubber flooring is incredibly durable and easy to install by commercial flooring contractors, so it will keep kitchen staff safe for a long time.

Keeping Your Industrial or Commercial Kitchen Flooring Clean

Despite all the intrinsic benefits of commercial rubber flooring, regular cleaning is required to maintain a safe and sanitary industrial kitchen. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, this floor care is relatively low-maintenance. Industrial kitchen rubber floors should be vacuumed on a daily basis and mopped about as often; employees should also be trained in proper spot cleaning to quickly pick up spills. Beyond that, deeper cleaning via wet vac and other processes should be performed periodically by commercial floor cleaning services. The frequency of this deep cleaning will depend on your kitchen’s size, foot traffic, and specific needs.

Is Commercial Rubber Flooring the Only Option for Industrial Kitchens?

While we’ve only discussed rubber flooring here, this isn’t the only type of flooring that promotes safety and sanitation inside an industrial kitchen. Commercial vinyl flooring, for instance, is another strong contender, as well as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or epoxy coated concrete floors. If you’re not sure which floor type is best for you, The Budd Group can help you not only pick one out but also install and maintain it.

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