Starting an Office Recycling Program? Read This First

Maintaining a clean work environment means keeping trash off the floors and in the garbage bin. As an individual staff member, you probably don’t think much of the waste you accumulate on a daily basis. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that up to 90% of waste produced by U.S. offices can actually be recycled. So, while it’s important to take out the trash, it might be time to start an office recycling program.

Recycling Programs: Where to Begin

The key to successful recycling programs is knowing what can and should be recycled. Most people know to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles, but many of us remain unaware of all the recyclable materials around us. Everyone should be clued up in the world of recycling. Although there is a lot to consider, it is very beneficial in the long run, especially as it encourages you to look at the environment effectively. Companies like PHS Wastekit make it a lot easier to becoming environmentally friendly, by offering solutions to businesses that can guide them into reducing the amount of waste they have around their offices. Not everyone is going to be an expert in this field, but this is why we should all be open to learning. It is not just as simple as throwing all materials into one pile and hoping for the best. If you didn't know, most electronics and soiled food items can even be recycled.

Of course, recycling laws and facilities vary state by state, so it’s crucial to contact whoever is in charge of your office’s recycling removal services. They can tell you what items and materials to recycle, and which to throw away. However, you still might be unsure on where to recycle each piece of rubbish. That's even if it needs recycling. If you would like further clarification on whether you're doing it correctly, why don't you visit a recycling center for further help and advice.

Sharing the Knowledge

Once you’re confident that you know the difference between recyclables and waste, you should spread the word to all staff members. With everyone on the same page, you’ll start to reduce the amount of waste normally produced by your office. Try setting up meetings – and make sure to incentivize people to come and learn. Do some research on the importance of proper recycling practices. This will help your team understand the positive impact they can make on the smaller and larger environment, as well as the energy the office will save.

Signage, Fliers, and Competitions

As a famous fictional soldier once said, “Knowledge is only half the battle.” You have to get the whole team involved to really make a difference. Designating recycling and waste bins via signs and notices can help remind people where certain items go, and why. Adding images related to green practices, paper vs. plastic, or landfills can aid in this recycling bin program.

To liven things up, you can think of games or competitions to keep score of how well certain individuals or teams are keeping up with the office recycling program. Set up a few stations around the office for each team. Designate someone from each team to take daily or weekly surveys of how much they recycled. Reward the winning team(s) after a week or month.

Removing the Recyclables and Waste

Of course, once the bins fills up, it all has to go somewhere. This is where your recycling services come in. Coordinate pick-up times and locations with your provider. They’ll likely want recyclables separated into categories like paper, plastic, electronics, etc. Make their lives easier by ensuring the right materials end up in their designated locations every week. If there are items your recycling service provider won’t collect, consider donating them or finding other avenues for disposal.

Starting an office recycling program might not sound all that exciting, but you can make it fun and engaging by learning, teaching, and incentivizing participation through competition and prizes. In the end, everyone in your office will feel better about getting rid of their garbage responsibly.

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