Keeping Private School Floors Clean, Safe, and Appealing all Winter Long

As the property manager or principal of a private school, you know more than anyone that facility maintenance projects are seemingly endless. With mass amounts of foot traffic in your hallways, classrooms, and cafeterias, there are always things that need cleaning and repairing. And you’re smart to do so for many reasons – not only to keep your educational facility aesthetically appealing and enjoyable to be in, but also to keep your student body and faculty members safe from germs, illness, and harmful toxins. Read on to find out why keeping your private school floors pristine is critical, plus an overview of some of the floor care services you can expect from a commercial floor cleaning company.

Why You Should Keep Private School Floors Clean, Safe, and Appealing all Winter Long

Keeping Your Students and Staff Safe

Your students’ and staff members’ safety is of the utmost importance all year round, but during winter months, these concerns are at top of mind with cold and flu season in full force. Not only that, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic still poses a threat to your facility’s inhabitants. With so many individuals in close quarters, it’s not hard for germs, bacteria, and viruses to spread rapidly throughout your student body, meaning lots of absences and the hectic scramble of finding substitute staff if your teachers fall ill.

In higher risk areas – those serving food like your cafeterias, those with lots of germs like your bathrooms, locker rooms, and gymnasium, those with unusual substances like your science labs, or those with excess moisture like your entryways and hallways – keeping a commercial floor cleaner on call for frequent cleaning and disinfection is all the more crucial. Mold, mildew, and harmful toxins can wreak havoc on your building’s occupants if not eradicated through proper, thorough, and frequent cleaning processes.

Keeping the Facility Aesthetically Pleasing

Students and faculty aren’t the only stakeholders to consider when managing your private school facility. Think about the parents who come to visit during Open Houses, sporting events, or PTA meetings. These involved parents are often the first to notice things like stained or grimy flooring, moldy areas, or hazards like buckled or cracked floors.

The last thing you want is for a student, staff member, or parent to get injured from a tripping hazard that could have been easily prevented with a simple flooring repair solution. And for parents of children with accessibility issues or other special needs, you can be assured that ADA access will be at the forefront of their minds when touring your school.

Janitorial and Deep Cleaning Services

If you don’t already have an efficient and effective building cleaning company you trust to do the job well, this is a great place to start. High-traffic facilities like private schools require frequent cleaning and disinfection, so your janitorial service can’t be slacking. Plus, gymnasium floors might require some much-needed polishing for your young athletes to bring home the trophy.

Take note of how often and how well your janitorial service is performing its rounds. Are your classroom surfaces getting disinfected with safe, industry-approved chemicals? Has dust gathered along your baseboards and in the corners of your spaces? Is your janitorial service using top-of-the-line equipment and cleaning solutions to deliver a job you’re consistently pleased with? If not, you may want to reconsider who you’ve hired and look for a company with a proven track record of commercial cleaning for facilities like your private school.

Professional Carpet Care Services

How are your preschool classrooms, libraries, or other carpeted rooms looking? Are your private school’s carpets stained, torn, matted, or otherwise damaged? When was the last time you brought in a commercial carpet cleaning services company to deep clean your carpets? While carpets need to be repaired or replaced every few years, an old, dingy-looking carpet can look good as new with an effective deep clean. Whether you need daily vacuuming, surface level cleaning, or deep cleaning, a carpet cleaning company can keep your carpeted areas looking optimal and reduce the risk of student and staff exposure to harmful allergens, potentially dangerous debris, dust mites, mold, bacteria, and pathogens.

Once again, seek out a commercial carpet cleaning services company that has a long history of providing stellar service to ensure the job is done right. For example, The Budd Group’s credentials include the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) Certification with Honors and the CIMS Green Building Certification with Honors.

Pressure Washing

Floor maintenance on your walkways doesn’t stop in your hallways, gymnasiums, and classrooms. Have you considered the condition of your sidewalks, parking lots, and outdoor sports courts recently? A commercial pressure washer will not only be able to leave your surfaces sparkling, but pressure washing can help prevent the spread of harmful pollutants, allergens, algae, mold, and bacteria from deteriorating structures and causing health issues.

From tiled floors and walls to outdoor asphalt to your windows, roofs, and gutters, pressure washing is an excellent service to keep in mind as you work your way through your facility maintenance checklist.

Floor Repair and Refinishing

Finally, you’ll want to consider the structural condition of every inch of your private school’s flooring. It’s not just mold, allergens, and bacteria that can cause issues for your student body and faculty. Think about students running the hallways, tripping, and falling. Think about your wheelchair ramps staying current on ADA standards. Think about broken or chipped tiling that might create sharp edges in your otherwise kid-friendly environment.

If your floors have seen the type of wear and tear common in high-traffic areas like private schools, you may need more extensive repairing and refinishing done. The Budd Group offers a wide array of floor care services, including scrubbing and refinishing, burnishing and buffing, tile and grout restoration, and much more. Remove the paint splatters from your art room floors; install new hardwood in your dance studio; strip and wax your sports courts for optimal athletic performance. Whatever type of flooring you may have in a given space in your private school, we can help optimize it to meet your needs and better serve your students and staff.

Keep These Considerations in Mind, Too

When scheduling floor repair or maintenance of any kind, working with a reputable company can help you make a list of all of your existing needs and prioritize them. But it pays to keep a few things in mind as you begin the process.

First, consider which areas of your private school need the most work. Does your gymnasium floor need a facelift? Are your entry hallways in rough shape? Are your bathrooms in need of tile and grout restoration? Once you’ve identified the areas in need, consider what a temporary closure of the area may mean for your building’s occupants. For instance, closing off one bathroom for floor maintenance may not be too much of a hassle if you have several other bathroom facilities for your students to use. But extensive repairs on your entryway may mean funneling students and staff through another entrance to the school. While this can be done, perhaps this service is best performed when school is closed, so you don’t have to worry about redirecting heavy traffic.

Next, you’ll want to assess your budget to see which projects are feasible this winter, and which ones may need to wait. Do you expect any additional funding throughout the year? Take stock of which projects you can get a jumpstart on first, and which can take a backseat until you have a bit more money to get them done properly.

The Budd Group Is Your One-Stop Shop for Facility Maintenance

This winter, don’t settle for an inexperienced floor maintenance service that delivers mediocre results. The Budd Group has been serving clients throughout the Southeast – including a whole host of universities and private and public schools – since 1963. We’ve got an entire portfolio of satisfied clients who are thrilled with the results they’ve seen from The Budd Group. Whether your floors need extensive repairs, refinishing to look sparkling new, or simply a thorough cleaning, The Budd Group has your private school covered.

We also offer a variety of other services for your indoor and outdoor space. So when warmer weather rolls around and your grounds need landscaping, we’ll be there to deliver this service. What about air quality testing and purification? We offer that too. Take a look through our website to see the wide array of industries we serve and the types of services we can perform. Our team of subject matter experts is here to provide you with exemplary service, as well as to listen to your questions and answer them promptly throughout the process.

We’ll work to perform any service with a minimal amount of disruption to your private school’s operations. If you’re on a strict timeline or limited budget, we’ll keep that front of mind as we work. And we think you’ll be thrilled with our “Make It Right” guarantee, The Budd Group’s promise to meet or exceed your expectations in the delivery of high-quality facility support solutions. If we miss the mark and you’re not completely satisfied with the outcome, we will “make it right” until you are.

Contact us today to find out how we can serve you in your facility maintenance – including floor care services – needs!

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