How Do I Know the Disinfectant Kills Coronavirus? Kill Claims and Times

More and more businesses are temporarily closing or imposing strict limits on services in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. But there are many businesses and industries that must maintain at least some operations to protect the public and prevent further economic downturn. If you’re still in business during this difficult time, building disinfection is paramount. Regular cleaning could save lives, and prevent further spread and proliferation of this dangerous virus throughout your community.

Is Your Current Health and Safety Protocol Sufficient?

It is essential to follow state and federal mandates regarding business operations during this time. But those should be followed in addition to an already rock-solid sanitation and disinfection program that takes the following into consideration:
  • Hand Hygiene Program: Proper hand washing is one of the most effective and simplest ways to stop the spread of coronavirus, and many other dangerous illnesses. Post hand hygiene reminders throughout your facility and ensure you have what you need to properly implement those standards
  • Vaccinations: Encouraging employees to get regular vaccinations means everyone is taking steps to boost immunity and protect the most vulnerable members of the community who are either unable to be vaccinated or more susceptible to illness.
  • Prioritizing Employee Health: Now more than ever, it is critical to insist that employees stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of any communicable illness, but especially symptoms common to Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as:
    • Upper or lower respiratory issues (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, drainage)
    • Fever
    • Fatigue
    • Chills
If you have noticed that employee or visitor illness is on the rise, now is a critical time to step up your building disinfection protocol.

The Key to Killing Coronavirus? Disinfectant Kill Claims and Times

One of the most frightening things about the coronavirus pandemic is that there is not yet a treatment, antiviral, or vaccine that has proven to eradicate COVID-19. However, disinfectants can kill coronavirus on surfaces like countertops, door handles, and more, which is critically important if you have to stay open to the public to serve them during the pandemic. The good news is, you can be certain you’re using the right cleaning products by verifying kill claims and disinfectant kill times, and utilizing them appropriately on recommended surfaces. This means taking steps like:
  • Using disinfectants with viricide (virus-killing) properties
  • Using disinfectants known to kill COVID-19 on surfaces; The EPA has a list, List-N, of certified products that kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which you can find here.
  • Using cleaning tools (like microfiber cloths) that can effectively remove traces of the virus from surfaces
  • Cleaning and disinfecting more frequently so that the coronavirus does not have the opportunity to incubate or spread
  • Allowing “kill times” to elapse as part of cleaning so that you know that the disinfectant has reached peak effectiveness

Utilize Building Disinfection Experts

It is challenging for business owners and public officials who must keep their offices open during this time. There is new information every day, and it can feel overwhelming or confusing. Partnering with a janitorial services company that offers compliant, safe building disinfection, as well as regular daily cleanings, can make all the difference when it comes to staying in operation and saving lives. The Budd Group is committed to working with leaders in the sanitation, epidemiology, and healthcare fields to keep you and your business safe during this volatile time. We can audit your existing building disinfection program to confirm that you are using the most potent disinfectants available to kill COVID-19 on surfaces, and slow its further spread. We can also implement a cleaning program that offers thorough, ongoing cleaning as long as you need to stay operational, so you can continue serving your customers and meeting their most critical needs. Take steps now to protect your employees, customers, and community. Request your comprehensive building disinfection proposal and move forward with a clear building protection plan starting today.

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