Hiring Janitorial Services? Work with an Ethical Company

The importance of cleaning services cannot be overstated. Businesses hire janitorial services to ensure the safety of their customers and employees, and to maintain a beautiful, clean work environment. But mere cleanliness isn’t a business’ only priority. Security, for instance, is crucial to keeping information and personnel safe. These days, companies must also keep their environmental impact in mind. And, of course, a business must protect its bottom line, making sure it’s sending and receiving the correct payments on time. With all this mind, it’s not enough for a business to hire any janitorial service provider; it must choose an ethical company. Let’s go over what ethical commercial janitorial services believe in, how they operate, and why it matters.

Honesty is Number One

A code of ethics cannot be built on anything but the truth. The best janitorial companies operate with honesty and integrity. Any business who hires a dedicated cleaning partner is trusting them to enter and exit the building freely, granting them access to areas that might be off limits to others. It would be fairly easy for a dishonest employee to stumble upon or seek out protected information or materials and use them for personal gain. Sometimes a situation isn’t so blatant, however. For instance, a business might accidentally send out an extra payment to their cleaning service. It’s up to the janitorial provider to point out this mistake, or otherwise take the money and keep quiet. An ethical janitorial service would immediately report the mistake to the business to maintain trust and operate with honesty.

No Cutting Corners

When hired, a janitorial service is trusted to clean designated areas thoroughly and properly so that the workplace is remains consistently safe for everyone using it. However, in most cases, these workers aren’t monitored very closely, if at all. They may undergo monthly, quarterly, or yearly performance reviews, but on a day to day basis, they could reasonably get away with ignoring certain job duties. Of course, eventually, people will take notice. But an ethical janitorial service would not allow this to occur in the first place. They have an important job to do, and they do it well every day.

Keeping an Eye on the Environment

Janitorial companies use a ton of equipment and chemicals to perform various tasks. These tools, however, can leave quite a mark on the environment. Certain machinery can suck up a lot of power and some chemicals are toxic. To address the impact of cleaning supplies on the environment, various governing bodies have in recent years come up with regulations and solutions for making these processes safer and better for the local and broader environment. Today, the most ethical janitorial services use EPA-approved Green Seal chemicals. These are more sustainable and come in recyclable packaging. It’s also a good business strategy to hire green janitorial services. Many consumers and employees care about these matters. A business can enhance its reputation by boasting about its green cleaning policy. A business should only want to hire excellent janitorial services. This means hard-working, honest, and environmentally-conscious. In other words: ethical. The Budd Group is proud to fit this description. We provide janitorial services and so much more to businesses of all kinds in our community. To learn more about us, call us at 800-221-8158 or send us an email at Solutions@BuddGroup.com today!

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