Does Your Office Cleaning Company Use Green Solutions?

Your office cleaning service plays a key role in your company’s continued success. As such, you only want to hire the best service provider. This provider should do a thorough job in a timely manner and give you peace of mind that your office will remain a clean and safe place to work. Perhaps one of the more overlooked aspects of a good office cleaner is whether or not they use green cleaning products and methods. At first, this may seem like an arbitrary thing, but upon further inspection, it makes a big difference on both the micro and macro level.

What are Green Cleaning Solutions?

The benefits of green office cleaning services won’t be apparent if you don’t know what “green” means in this regard. In the U.S., green cleaning refers to the use of specific cleaning products and methods determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Green Building Council (USBGC). These practices are designed to minimize an office’s carbon footprint, reduce harmful chemical ingestion, and encourage the recycling and reuse of certain products.

The EPA and USBGC try to make it easy to identify and use these green products. Products that fall under these standards are clearly labeled “green seal.” Green sealed products range from chemicals to paper products (toilet paper, seat covers, etc.). The best office cleaning companies will be aware of these products and implement them as much as possible.

Why Does Green Office Cleaning Matter?

If you’re a pragmatist, you might wonder what difference it makes to use green products and methods. As long as the office gets cleaned, a provider might as well use red, blue, or yellow products, right? Not exactly. “Going green,” so to speak, actually yields day-to-day practical benefits for your company as well.

The first and most obvious reason to seek green office cleaning services has to do with the greater environment. Offices in the U.S. contribute a great deal to the national annual output of waste and greenhouse gases. A lot of this has to do with paper waste and electricity usage, which in turn can decrease the companies expenditure also, increasing its profit, businesses are able to do this through the comparing of different Business Energy providers and finding a cheaper energy solution. You have to remember every piece of the puzzle counts, including cleaning methods. By hiring office cleaning services who use EPA approved cleaning products, you can reduce the overall negative impact of your workplace.

Thinking Smaller

Of course, you might not think too much about the environment and instead want to focus on your productivity, employee well-being, and company success. The good news is that using green chemicals and products also improves all of these micro-level conditions. For one thing, green chemicals are non-toxic. This drastically lowers the risk of employee injury or illness on the job. The better your people feel, the harder they’ll work – and the work will be better.

Additionally, customers and business partners may take notice of your increased sanitation standards and hold your company in higher regard. Even if you’re not environmentally conscious, many people are. Taking the green leap can make a big difference in terms of your reputation and outreach.

In the end, we all want our workplace to be clean, safe, and sanitary. Green cleaning solutions provide the best option for all these marks. So, if it’s time to hire a new office cleaning company, ask them if they use green products and methods.

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