Commercial Office Cleaning: 5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource

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When running a business or managing an office, you never want to be caught off guard. There are so many things that you need to consider though, not just the cleaning of your business. For example, you'll want to make sure that you have the latest business security camera systems installed so that you will never be caught off guard when it comes to safety. Still, prioritizing work above all else means your office’s cleanliness might take the backseat. To prevent this from happening, consider outsourcing your commercial office cleaning services. Here are five warning signs that you need to take action.

1. You Saw a Mouse

A single mouse might not seem like a harbinger of doom, but if you come across one, chances are there are more. These sneaky critters squeeze into tight spaces and usually come out when the coast clears. They’ll find any food scraps lying around, whether on desks, the floor, or in garbage cans. If you do see a mouse or rat, set traps near corners as a safety measure. Even more importantly, reevaluate the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of your office. You and your staff can likely do more to keep crumbs off the floor, wipe down desks, etc. – but perhaps these efforts won’t be enough in the long run. This is where a professional commercial cleaning service saves the day.

2. Productivity is Down

Multiple studies have pointed to a link between clean work environments and increased productivity. You may have got the best office supplies in the world, and the whole selection of office furniture from somewhere like Office Monster, but if your office is not maintained well enough, productivity could suffer. Whatever the cause of this, if you notice a decrease in productivity, it might stem from a dirty office. Staff members might feel additional stress from such an environment. Additionally, dust and other airborne particles can aggravate allergies, leading to more sick days or at least less productive work days for certain employees. Ironically, this decline in productivity might actually result from too fervent an effort to clean the office. If staff members spend too much time keeping things tidy and sanitary, less time will be spent on work itself. Balance matters, and the scales can tip too far in either direction. If you and your team are losing work hours due to rigorous maintenance, it’s time to outsource.

3. You’re Entering the Busy Season

Not every business fluctuates from month to month or season to season, but many do. If your office is knowingly approaching a busy period, you’ll want to prepare accordingly. More business means more work, more focus, and less distraction. You might stay on top of office cleaning duties during slower times, but as the work piles up, so does the filth. Hire a commercial cleaning service for these labor intensive times and save your office from even more chaos.

4. You Just Moved to a New, Bigger Space

Your business is doing well so you’re expanding. That’s great – except now you have three times as much square footage to attend to. Chances are you have more employees, too. More space, more people, more potential for mess. If this sounds like your situation, you might want to outsource your office cleaning services. Whether you're moving house or office in this case, the best way to transport your items from one place to another would be in a van. If you already have one and are located in the UK, you could look into a site like One Sure Insurance who offer cheap van insurance and find you the latest deals in the market. It'd be easier to use a van than anything else to move your items to a new environment.

5. Staff Members are Taking on More Responsibilities

When your business was smaller, you might have designated cleaning tasks to different staff members. Because everyone did their fair share and work was steady, the office stayed clean and work still got done. However, as businesses grow, so do the responsibilities of some (or all) workers. And while some of these responsibilities might include maintenance, they might not. If cleaning becomes less of a task for employees, you should seek out commercial office cleaning providers to handle this aspect. Of course, you should always do your best to maintain your office space without additional help. But utilizing a dedicated office cleaning service will help boost productivity, strengthen peace of mind, and allow your business to grow even further. The Budd Group understands how important your business is to you because we’ve been in business for over 50 years, keeping commercial office spaces as clean and safe as possible.

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