What Is the Best Carpet for Commercial High Traffic Areas in My Office Building?

If your office building experiences lots of foot traffic, your floors must be able to withstand constant pressure while providing maximum stability for everyone inside. Properly coated slip-resistant concrete floors might do the trick for some businesses, but many offices prefer to install carpeting for their aesthetic benefits, noise-dampening qualities, and pliability. With so many commercial carpet options available, however, you might not have the first clue which type is right for your high-traffic areas.

Let’s explore some of the best commercial carpet options for high-traffic areas in your office building.

What Is the Best Carpet for a Commercial Floor

What to Look for in Commercial Carpeting in High-Traffic Areas

To choose the best carpet for your busy facility, you must know which qualities matter in office carpeting. Generally speaking, you want to choose a material that facilitates simpler building maintenance, promotes a safer work environment, lasts a long time, and provides the aesthetic you desire. To keep things easy on your commercial carpet cleaning services, go for a carpet that’s resistant to spills, staining, and is highly cleanable. Reduce the amount of carpet repairs you’ll have to invest in over time by selecting a durable carpet. Make sure your carpet is also slip resistant so your employees and customers remain safe when getting from point A to B. And finally, choose a carpet material that offers a wide variety of design and color options to match your branding and enhance your office’s atmosphere.

Two types of commercial carpeting tick all of the above boxes and then some: nylon and wool fiber.

Nylon Carpeting

Nylon is a popular choice for office building carpeting, and for good reason. This synthetic fiber material is durable, stain-resistant, and maintains its color for the duration. Indeed, nylon carpets are solution-dyed, meaning their coloration is imbued in every fiber and difficult to remove. Nylon office carpeting also makes commercial carpet care a breeze -- thanks to its tightly woven fibers, a vacuum can easily pick up any debris that lands on its surfaces, and deeper cleaning methods such as steam cleaning and shampooing are highly effective.

Wool Fiber Carpeting

A close runner-up, wool fiber carpeting is another great choice for high-traffic office areas. Wool’s inherent lanolin coating keeps stains at bay and prevents moisture from setting in. If comfort is a major concern, wool fiber carpeting provides soft surfaces that reduce stress on legs and feet. Commercial wool carpeting can also be installed with an action backing for increased stability and durability in high-traffic areas. And much like nylon carpeting, wool carpeting makes maintaining and cleaning the office a relatively painless process.

Other Commercial Carpet Options

While nylon and wool fiber carpeting reign supreme for high-traffic office applications, they’re not the only options to consider. Sisal, acrylic, polyester, cotton, and polypropylene carpeting are worthy contenders in their own right. It’s always best to do your research before making a final decision. The Budd Group can also help you select, maintain, and repair your carpeting. Office carpet cleaning is just one of many facility services we offer our clients.

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