The Importance of Cleaning Fitness Equipment at Your Athletic Facility

After a long year of sporadic shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, people everywhere are eager to hit the gym once more. Fortunately, the advent of various effective vaccines for COVID-19 and increased distribution bodes well for gyms and their members this year. Whether you’re preparing to open your fitness center back up or attend your local gym, however, you must remain vigilant regarding the health and safety of those around you -- keeping your equipment clean and sanitary is key in this endeavor. Taking proper care of your gym equipment also yields other benefits for your business's bottom line and reputation. With that in mind, let’s detail the importance of cleaning the fitness equipment at your athletic facility.

Why You Should Frequently Sanitize Gym Equipment

Gym Settings Are Breeding Grounds for Germs

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly forced us all to think more about the formation and spread of germs in our everyday lives, but bacteria, viruses, and other germs have always surrounded us, especially in certain settings. Gyms and other fitness centers are some of the most likely places to contain various germs for a few key reasons. For one thing, plenty of people tend to be inside these facilities simultaneously, increasing the likelihood of disease transmission. Additionally, the act of exercising releases bodily substances (i.e. sweat) that can easily come into contact with others, either directly or indirectly via equipment-sharing. And lastly, the warm, humid environment common in gym settings are prime conditions for a variety of germs, allowing them to linger and thrive more easily.

By regularly cleaning and sanitizing your fitness center equipment, you greatly reduce the amount of harmful contaminants within your facility, thereby lowering the risk of disease transmission. Of course, these cleaning and disinfection must be a group effort. While there’s plenty you and your staff can do each day to keep your facility clean, members should also do their part and wipe down equipment after using it.

Get the Most Out of Your Fitness Equipment

A gym is not a gym without sturdy, effective equipment. Indeed, your various weights and machines are among your business’ most important assets. As such, you must do everything in your power to keep your equipment in great shape, so you’re not constantly investing in costly repairs or replacements. While various tasks are required to achieve this goal, cleaning is one of the most important. The sweat, dirt, and oils that linger on a given piece of equipment can lead to deterioration over time (namely in the form of rust), so these harmful materials must be removed from your equipment’s surfaces as frequently as possible. Professional building maintenance services can be a big help in this effort to get the most out of your fitness equipment.

Keep a Squeaky Clean Reputation

The gym/fitness center industry is highly competitive, and as more and more businesses reopen in the coming months, the stakes will only get higher. If you wish to maintain or expand your share of the local market, you must ensure that your facility is the one that everyone wants to attend. In other words, you must maintain a stellar reputation. Don’t underestimate the power of offering your members clean and beautiful equipment. Providing your people with the best gear will encourage them to stick with your gym and bring others along with them. As such, make sure your janitorial maintenance services are properly trained and have the resources they need to regularly care for every piece of equipment in your facility.

Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Fitness Center

Beyond cleaning your fitness equipment on a routine basis, there are other ways to keep your facility and its members healthy and safe as they exercise. First, post ample signage outside and within your fitness center regarding proper etiquette and hygiene practices to motivate your members to clean up after themselves, wash their hands properly, and so on. You can further encourage this good behavior by placing spray bottles and cloths/wipes/paper towels at each equipment station, as well as offer hand sanitizers and wipes around the gym. The easier it is for everyone to take good care of themselves and one another, the better off your equipment and fitness center as a whole will be.

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