Safe Cleaning Tips for Schools and Daycares

We want to do everything in our power to keep our children safe and healthy. However, school and daycare settings can become riddled with germs, especially if these facilities aren’t maintained properly. Hiring quality janitorial services is one way to ensure that these facilities remain clean and sanitary. But even the best providers can only do so much. It’s ultimately up to everyone inside a school or daycare to keep it as safe as possible for everyone. Here are some important safe cleaning tips for schools and daycares.


This pointer might seem redundant. After all, a school setting is the number one place to learn. The key here, however, is what’s being taught. If you’re in charge of several children a day, make sure you spend some time educating them on hygiene practices, such as washing or sanitizing hands after using the bathroom or before eating, covering coughs and sneezes, and using tissues properly. These are all things that kids learn at home, but it’s good to reiterate them in school or daycare to drive the point home. Plus, with so many kids in one place, they should be extra careful about spreading germs.

Keep Certain Tools and Chemicals Away from Children

Janitorial services utilize a lot of machinery and chemicals to thoroughly clean different areas. Some of these tools are dangerous, even in the hands of untrained adults. Therefore, these cleaning supplies should be kept out of reach so kids can’t accidentally or purposefully access them. Ideally, there should be a designated locked room or supply closet to house all this important gear.

Clean Surfaces Every Day

Classrooms are filled with surfaces that get touched all the time. Desks, keyboards, doorknobs, and other surfaces such as these should get cleaned every day so germs don’t linger. You can encourage children to help out in this effort, making it a point to clean one’s personal space at the end of each day. Just make sure they’re using proper, safe cleaning techniques when doing so.

Use Green, Non-Toxic Products

Cleaning chemicals come in many forms, some more toxic than others. While children shouldn’t be near these harmful chemicals in the first place, commercial cleaning companies should refrain from using them at all. These chemicals can increase toxicity in the air, creating a safety hazard in the classroom. Fortunately, toxic substances aren’t necessary for cleaning anymore. Today, you’ll find green janitorial services using EPA-approved cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, biodegradable, and contained in recyclable packaging. Best of all, these green solutions are just as effective as their toxic counterparts. Using them will create a safer, cleaner, more environmentally-friendly environment for the children and staff.

Consult a Cleaning Service

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