Weed Control for Beds and Turf

Weed Control for Beds and Turf

Nature is nothing if not competitive, and if you aren’t proactive in your landscaping, unwanted plant life can quickly encroach on your green spaces and eventually take over. Weeds have a somewhat loose definition, but they generally refer to grasses, herbs, and flowers that:

  • Are unwanted in a given landscape for aesthetic reasons
  • Take away resources from the desired plant life in a given landscape
  • Spread quickly and easily, making them difficult to control or remove once established
  • Attract pests that harm the landscape and surrounding areas, negatively affecting pest control efforts

Weeds pose a threat to a landscape’s turf and beds alike. At The Budd Group, we offer weed control for beds and turf as a part of our landscaping services in order to protect and maintain the looks and longevity of your green spaces.

What Weed Control Entails

While weeds can be removed by hand, these efforts are often in vain for multiple reasons — for one thing, physically removing weeds does not prevent them from returning; for another, manual weed removal takes significant time and effort. For these reasons, the best approach to weed control is a preventative one (“pre-emergent”).

Preventing the growth of weeds involves a number of efforts, such as:

  • Strategically designing a landscape to limit potential weed growth (i.e. grouping similar plants together, selecting the right mulch type for the desired plant life and region, etc.)
  • Evaluating the site for its soil type, slope, and existing weed/plant life
  • Spraying the proper, environmentally-safe herbicide on the landscape as a whole or targeted areas to eliminate weeds and prevent future growth
  • Carefully installing physical weed barriers (plastic or fabric) in specific areas to suppress weed growth

These preventative weed control measures are most effective when strategically coordinated and implemented by professionals.

The Budd Group Difference

Every landscape is different, which is why here at The Budd Group, we don’t deliver a one-size-fits-all weed control solution. Instead, we individually evaluate each of our clients’ landscaping needs and cultivate the optimal approach for lawn and plant maintenance. In addition to our preventative landscaping services, we also offer various services that deal with the existing state of a landscape, such as landscape debris removal, snow removal, mowing, trimming, edging, pruning, irrigation management, and much more.

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