Recycling Services

Recycling Services

Facilities across industries produce a lot of waste. This waste comes in various forms, such as the piles of paper produced in offices, the food scraps thrown out in restaurants, and the obsolete electronics taking up space inside computer centers. The good news is that many of these materials can be recycled, as long as they’re sorted and handled properly. 

Today, more and more institutions are trying to find efficient ways to recycle their products. This trend isn’t just a matter of helping the environment, either (though that’s part of it). Investing in recycling services can also help businesses cut costs and boost their reputation. At The Budd Group, recycling services are among our many facility support solutions and janitorial services designed to make facilities more efficient while reducing their carbon footprint.

What’s Included in Our Recycling Services?

The Budd Group is prepared to help facilities establish or improve their existing recycling programs in a number of ways. We determine the types and amounts of materials a facility goes through and categorize them into separate channels so waste is minimized and everything that can be recycled is accounted for. Color-coded and right-sized bins and/or signage can help employees and customers place items in the correct locations for proper recycling removal. When it comes to recycling potentially corrosive materials like batteries and electronics, we provide education, training, and the resources necessary to make sure these items get recycled accordingly. We will also work with local recycling companies to determine the best time and place for pick-ups.

Recycling Solutions That Fit Your Needs

No two facilities will require the exact same recycling routine. Because of this, we work with each of our clients individually to come up with unique solutions for their specific needs and operations. For instance, our school recycling programs focus on ways to educate students and faculty on proper recycling practices for various materials and involve establishing coordination between classrooms and departments. An office recycling program, on the other hand, might center around paper waste and ways to ensure that paper gets recycled properly. Every type of facility needs to get rid of materials, and The Budd Group’s recycling services extend to:

  • Athletic stadiums and facilities
  • Biomedical and other cleanroom facilities
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Commercial offices and office parks
  • Computer centers
  • Corporate headquarters and facilities
  • Government buildings and facilities
  • HOA, apartment complexes, and condo developments
  • Hospitals and other healthcare facilities and campuses
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Manufacturing plants and facilities
  • Primary and secondary schools and school systems
  • Retail centers
  • And more!

We will find the optimal recycling solutions for you.

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