How Our Landscaping Quality Assurance Ensures Your Commercial Green Space Is Protected All Winter Long

Maintaining a vibrant and healthy landscape requires plenty of planning and effort throughout the year. That said, winter has a way of exacerbating these challenges. While the cold season puts a pause on the growth of your green spaces, this doesn’t negate the need to continue caring for your landscape. On the contrary, winter is when proper landscape management is most important. If you don’t take the proper steps before and during winter, your green spaces might not make it to springtime. At The Budd Group, our landscaping maintenance services are designed to preserve and enhance your landscape year-round, which includes getting through even the harshest of winters. Here’s how our landscaping quality assurance ensures your commercial green space is protected all winter long.

How Our Landscaping Services Ensure Good Quality

We Conduct Regular Quality Checkups

Your grass might take a long nap during the winter, but our landscaping experts do not. Rather, our managers (most of whom are Landscape Industry Certified through NALP and various state trade organizations) conduct monthly on-site quality audits as a proactive measure to ensure that our processes, people, and products are being used to their greatest effect. Our landscape quality assurance program is based on seven fundamental tools:
  • Proactive communication
  • Key performance indicators
  • Work order reports
  • Frequent inspections
  • Team meetings
  • Customer feedback
  • Program review meetings
By adhering to these tenets, we make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your landscape.

We Prepare Your Lawn and Plant Life for the Dormant Period

When winter begins its approach, our lawn maintenance service providers perform a number of essential duties to prepare your green spaces for a long, cold slumber. These steps include but are not limited to:
  • Lawn debris removal -- raking leaves and removing any other material that may suffocate grass and plant life
  • Mowing -- cutting the grass shorter than usual (i.e. between 2-2.5 inches to reduce pests and protect new growth
  • Aeration and fertilization -- this is done prior to the first freeze so the lawn can receive nutrients after thawing
  • Applying mulch to insulate and protect roots from cold air and strong winds
  • Applying anti-desiccant to trees and shrubs to protect them from snow, wind, ice, and winter burn

We Prune Your Shrubs and Trees when It Counts

Once winter has begun, our landscapers will continue to regularly inspect your landscape to ensure that the prep work and applications described above are functioning as they should. Of course, there is work to be done during the winter as well. More specifically, mid- to late winter is typically the optimal time for pruning trees and shrubs. During this late dormant season, fresh wounds on branches and limbs are visible and easily accessible and new growth has yet to begin. Investing in this important task will keep your foliage healthy, happy, and less hazardous.

We Keep Snow Buildup at Bay

In addition to reducing your facility’s accessibility and safety, snow accumulation can suffocate your lawn. For all these reasons, you should invest in proper snow removal during the winter months. Snow removal, ice management, and plowing services are included in our landscaping offerings. We prevent snow from building up on and harming your green spaces by applying deicing agents, moving snow away from your property after a heavy accumulation, and repairing any damages that result from harsh winter weather.

We Use Green Products for Your Green Spaces

The equipment, products, and systems we use to protect your landscape during the winter and year-round are meant to reduce negative environmental impact and promote a healthier, more sustainable landscape. The Budd Group is committed to providing a comprehensive green landscaping program -- as members of the U.S. Green Building Council, (USGBC), we can help our customers achieve LEED certification and stay current with the latest LEED and USGBC information in order to achieve maximum LEED credits for your building.

Helping Your Landscape Withstand the Winter

No matter the season, your green spaces deserve quality care and attention. If you’re worried about what winter might do to your lawn, trees, and shrubs, you can rely on The Budd Group to prepare, maintain, and improve your landscape this cold season and beyond. To learn more about our services, values, and commitment to quality assurance, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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