How Janitorial Services Can Help with Storm and Emergency Preparedness

Whether caused by human error or “act of God,” disasters can quickly devastate a business. This is why all businesses should have a good insurance plan. But insurance can’t always cover everything, and regardless, it can take a long time for a business to recover from a bad storm, fire, or other emergency. Therefore, in addition to having insurance, businesses should take other precautionary measures to protect their assets from such emergencies. Hiring janitorial services can help with storm and emergency preparedness in several ways.

Protect the Plumbing

In any building, plumbing is often the first system to malfunction. Inclement weather increases the likelihood of broken plumbing, which can lead to frozen pipes, flooding, or clogging. One of the main duties of commercial janitorial services is to maintain a building’s plumbing system, checking it regularly for warning signs. By hiring a reliable janitorial service, a business can rest assured that its staff and customers can use these facilities even in the worst weather conditions, and that no flooding or backing up will occur.

Keeping Floors Clean and Safe

Most storms come with a wet component, be it snow, sleet, or rain. As people huddle indoors for shelter, they inevitably track this water inside with them, which can quickly become a slippery hazard for everyone. Commercial floor cleaning services can help keep this hazard at bay. Cleaners will place absorbent mats and high-powered fans in entryways to dry the incoming water. They’ll also place clearly visible signs over these wet areas to warn people of wet floors. Using vacuum-powered floor cleaners and dryers, a cleaning service can also dry the floors on demand, keeping the area safe during the worst parts of the storm.

Removing Snow for Safe and Easy Access

Many parts of the U.S. experience several months of snow during the year. Heavy snowfall can slow everything down and make travel both difficult and dangerous. However, many businesses cannot close their doors regardless of how many inches come down. And in this weather, they need to provide easy access to their lots and doors for employees, customers, and customers. Some janitorial providers include shoveling and commercial snow plowing services in their plan. These services can be invaluable in the winter months, as they allow cars to enter the parking lot and make it safe for pedestrians to walk from the lot to the business’ doors. Without plowing services, people may find themselves stuck in the building and/or the parking lot, unable to go anywhere until the snow clears.

Creating Contingency Plans

The best janitorial companies hire knowledgeable, experienced people. These staff members can help a business prepare for storms and emergencies by crafting detailed plans for handling situations in a timely manner. After all, they might not be there when something happens. A janitorial service provider may outline a list of materials and equipment that are kept in the building and show business leaders how to operate it in case of an emergency. These providers can also help map out optimal exit points so everyone can leave the building safely if necessary. Nothing in life is certain. A business cannot possibly account for every potential disaster that may come. Still, hiring excellent janitorial services will at least help a business prepare for and handle several types of emergencies. The Budd Group’s janitorial services include everything from floor cleaning to snow removal and more. Let us help your business keep its assets and its people safe. Call us at 800-221-8158 or send us an email at today!

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