Green Janitorial Services: Protecting Your Workers’ Quality of Life

Environmental hazards are health hazards. You may be using cleaning chemicals and techniques which, along with harming the environment, are putting employee safety at risk. Green cleaning programs carry many benefits for your business. No matter what industry you’re in, or how rigorous your cleaning standards, your company can practice good environmental stewardship, beginning with your janitorial services.

Green Cleaning Protects Workers

Green janitorial services should be a top priority when planning cleaning services for offices. While some stringent cleaning products may appear to get the job done, high toxicity of products that are not considered environmentally friendly can create additional problems, including:
  • Cleaning products contaminating or harming the surrounding plants, water, and wildlife
  • Chemicals, fumes, and contact with chemicals causing undue harm and discomfort to janitorial staff, visitors and employees throughout your facility
  • Increased liability related to mitigating health and safety issues associated with environmental hazards
Green cleaning products and practices adhere to a high standard of safety and represent a proactive measure you can take to protect workers in your office team and on your janitorial staff.

Green Cleaning Maintains Productivity

When cleaning and janitorial services are wasteful, you run the risk of backlogged and overflowing disposal systems that are both a health risk and an eye sore. Green cleaning practices are built on sustainability and renewability. The easier it is to maintain efficient janitorial practices, the greater the likelihood that you can maintain a high standard of productivity and continue working together in a thriving environment. Likewise, when your cleaning products and techniques are less environmentally hazardous, the risk of health hazards to your employees is lowered. That means more of your teams can be at work and engaged in their work more readily, more often.

Green Cleaning Improves Morale

When people know they are working at an environmentally-friendly office, it can have a positive impact on morale. People like knowing their work is benefiting a company that is environmentally responsible. Green cleaning initiatives like company recycling programs can motivate employees to get involved and share your mission of environmental stewardship.

Help Hiring Green Cleaning Teams

You don’t have to worry about staying up-to-date on green cleaning techniques and best practices for environmental stewardship. The Budd Group can work with you to develop a cleaning program that meets your facility needs while upholding your standards for safety and productivity. We can hire team members who are trained and ready to implement green cleaning in your office building or corporate headquarters. And we can develop programs to protect your employees, focusing on health and wellness, flu prevention, and more. We are a member of the Green Building Council, and our teams work with Green Seal Chemicals. We can work with you to meet the highest standard of environmental friendliness, including LEED certification. There’s no need to wait for an environmental hazard on your worksite to disrupt productivity and endanger workers’ wellbeing. Contact The Budd Group today to learn more about our green cleaning programs and what we can accomplish together.

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