The Budd Group has the ability and experience to go beyond janitorial, maintenance and landscaping solutions. The following outlines a few of the additional programs, services and management support that we have provided to property managers and customer companies over the past 50 years. For a more complete list of our facility support services, click here.

Recruiting, hiring and training production support personnel

The Budd Group has over 50 years of experience finding and training quality production and facility support staff for our company, as well as for our customers’ companies. Our success and growth are a direct result of our ability to find and hire dedicated employees, train them effectively and implement retention strategies to keep them motivated.

We can find, background check and hire full-time or part-time employees in a variety of production areas, such as assembly workers, forklift operators, inspectors, material handlers as well as pick and packers.

Professional search and placement service for skilled facility management and support employees

We understand the roles and positions needed to maintain and manage large facilities and campuses of all types. We have the ability to recruit, vet, hire and even train skilled employees for a variety of positions in your facility, such as property managers, engineers, electricians, utility service personnel and maintenance technicians.

Our process

Save time and money by relying on The Budd Group for all of your facility-related positions. We have a proven process, from candidate recruiting and screening to interviewing, skill evaluation and onboarding hired employees. We work closely with you to design a customized recruiting solution that includes:

1. Evaluating your internal culture, needs & priorities
2. Recruiting highly qualified candidates for specific positions
3. Effectively processing potential candidates through careful evaluation, fact-checking resumes & contacting references
4. Interviewing finalists to evaluate skills, knowledge, aptitudes & fit with your organization
5. Selecting or recommending the person to hire for the position
6. Conducting background checks, drug testing & onboarding as needed

Complete Facility Management Services by The Budd Group

Because we maintain over 75 million square feet of space and work with facilities in all types of industries, we have the experience and knowledge to assist you with special projects and programs in all areas of facility management, such as health and wellness; recycling; preventative maintenance; healthy building; water and waste management; and event planning and management.

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