Facility Maintenance, Repairs, and Renovations to Tackle During the Holiday Break

The holiday break is approaching. You may be mentally checked out, already, eager to enjoy egg nog and exchange gifts with your family. But if you’re like many property managers, you might also be wondering about that chunk of time when your facility will be mostly empty. After all, when else are all employees out of the office, all students and teachers home from school, and all workers taking a break? The holidays provide an excellent time for you to maintain your facility, make necessary upgrades, and even overhaul a space with minimal disruption to your business operations or occupants. Here are a few reasons why you should capitalize on this time, and some services to consider as you assess your facility’s needs.

Reasons to Tackle Facility Maintenance During the Holidays

What Makes the Holidays an Optimal Time for Facility Maintenance?

It’s not that maintenance services, repairs, and renovations can’t be done when people are present – it’s certainly possible to get these things checked off your list at any time throughout the year. But depending on the type and length of the maintenance service you choose, you could be setting yourself up for a headache in coordinating the logistics of working around people.

For instance, say you’re managing an education facility. Your school’s science labs need new flooring, and the third-grade bathrooms need extensive repairs. If you opt to make these upgrades while school is in, you can expect frustrated teachers trying to conduct lessons in classrooms that are ill-equipped, and students wandering the halls to find the closest bathrooms, which may be over their capacity if they’re serving too many pupils.

Office buildings and industrial complexes face the same sorts of issues. Throughout the year, they’re chock-full of employees whose focus, productivity, and output ultimately affect your bottom line. Disrupting these workers with daytime noise, construction debris, and temporary workspaces could greatly impact your business’ profitability, not to mention your team’s morale. So what better time to make the repairs and renovations you need than during the holiday break, when many (if not all) of your building’s occupants are away for days or weeks?

Building Cleaning Services

Hiring a building cleaning company to come into your space and perform a deep clean is one of the fastest and most effective uses of your facility maintenance funds. If you only have a day or two when your building will be mostly empty, this is the first service to consider.

How long has it been since your most commonly used rooms had a solid deep clean? Is there mildew on your bathroom tiles? Dust on your conference room baseboards? How are the kitchen appliances looking – is grease coating your cooktops? Crumbs and food scraps in your fridge drawers? Drops of condiments splattering your microwave? Hire a building cleaning company that can show up for a day or two and give your facility the deep cleaning it needs.

The Budd Group’s janitorial services offer a wide range of solutions, from full service green cleaning, recycling, and floor care programs to specialized industrial, cleanroom, and medical cleaning. In case you’ve forgotten, winter is cold and flu season – and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sanitation remains of the utmost importance. Getting a deep clean with professional janitorial services can not only keep your facility sparkling, but it can protect your building’s occupants from illness that could impact attendance on a broad scale.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

What better way to welcome your students, staff, and customers back in the new year than with clean and pristine carpeting? A commercial carpet cleaning services company can transform dingy old carpeting and give your carpets a brand-new look, without breaking the bank by fully replacing your textiles.

Stained, matted carpets are not only visually unappealing for parents touring your school and teachers working in your classrooms, but they can subconsciously lower the morale of your corporate employees who spend the majority of their days in your office building. Vacuuming along with surface level and deep cleaning of your carpets can clear away toxic particles and problematic allergens, plus remove unsafe debris – especially in high-traffic areas with children present.

Don’t have much carpeting in your space? That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for taking care of your floors and making sure they remain in good shape. Cracked, dented, scuffed, or otherwise damaged floors not only lack aesthetic appeal – which could have a negative impact on your business – but buckled, uneven floors can cause tripping hazards, which could pose a whole host of liability issues if someone takes a tumble in your facility.

So what can hiring a commercial floor cleaner do for you this holiday break? The Budd Group’s services range from wet mopping to scrubbing and refinishing, buffing and polishing, stripping, waxing, grout restoration, and so much more. Every facility is unique, and your needs and expectations will vary from a different type of business or building, so consult with the company you hire to make a list of your floor care needs and prioritize accordingly.

Pressure Washing Services

It goes without saying that bringing in a commercial pressure washer will require that your facility be empty of people. You will likely have to move furniture and prepare the space. And when it comes to interior and exterior industrial machinery cleaning services, you may even need to move heavy equipment to get pressure washing services done. These are all factors to consider when hiring a commercial pressure washer this holiday break.

Pressure washing is an extremely effective way to get your surfaces – including windows and doors, walls and ceilings, and sidewalks and parking lots – looking brand new without having to replace, repaint, or repave anything. Pressure washing not only makes your space look great, but it prevents the spread of harmful pollutants, allergens, algae, mold, and bacteria from deteriorating structures and potentially causing health issues.

Interior Upgrades and Renovation Services

Under the umbrella of facility maintenance fall many different categories of property care. And if you’re short on time or funds this year, hiring a team to come in and provide one of the services above can certainly make a world of difference. But if you’re looking for slightly more extensive upgrades this year, consider bringing in renovation experts.

Bathroom restoration services might include tasks like upgrading bathroom fixtures, replacing tile flooring, making repairs to the plumbing system, and fixing stall doors. If your cabinets are looking lackluster these days, or your drawers aren’t closing properly, consider expert carpentry services. Carpentry can also include maintenance and repairs on interior and exterior woodwork to keep doors and windows functioning properly and sealing out the elements effectively.

Elevators are a big accessibility concern, and you’ll want to ensure your facility is meeting the required standards by getting a thorough inspection and making any repairs. The same goes for your fire and safety systems and your HVAC system. What about electrical work? From replacing lightbulbs to rewiring outlets, electrical work isn’t something you should leave hanging or attempt to do on your own. Then, there’s your roofing, painting, signage, doors, and locks – the list of potential renovations and upgrades goes on and on. Work with a company that can help determine your most pressing needs and work quickly to get the projects done while your facility is mostly or completely empty.

When Choosing a Facility Maintenance Provider This Year, Choose The Budd Group

With all of these tips on how you can elevate the look, feel, and function of your facility, make crucial outstanding repairs, and renovate dated areas and features in your space, make sure you do your facility justice by hiring the right team. You don’t want to spend thousands (or more) on facility maintenance services only to be disappointed with the results or frustrated with the lack of communication throughout the process.

What makes The Budd Group unique is that we perform all of the above services, providing you with a one-stop shop for your repairs, renovations, and other maintenance needs. Working with one company to meet all of your needs will streamline the process, making the management part of your job a whole lot easier. And the peace of mind you’ll have from working with a company with such a strong track record will be invaluable during the hectic holiday season when other stressors may be tugging at your attention.

The Budd Group has been serving clients throughout the Southeast since 1963. And we don’t just offer maintenance services for the inside of your building, but we offer an array of other service offerings related to landscaping your grounds, air quality testing and purification, and even recruiting, hiring, and training facility support staff. Our team of subject matter experts is ready to listen to your needs, respond thoughtfully, answer your questions, and get the job done right. In fact, our “Make It Right” guarantee is a promise to meet or exceed your expectations in the delivery of high-quality facility support solutions. If we miss the mark and you’re not happy with the outcome, we will “make it right” until you’re satisfied.

Contact us today to find out how we can best meet all of your facility maintenance needs this holiday season and beyond!

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