Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Facility

This coming spring is quickly creeping up, which means now is the perfect time to start planning for spring cleaning once more. With so many bases to cover, you might not know where to start. To help you with your upcoming building cleaning efforts, we’ve gathered some easy spring cleaning tips for your facility.

How to Properly Spring Clean Your Facility

Take a Complete Inventory

There’s no better way to begin this process than by taking stock of your assets (and liabilities). Winter has a way of damaging certain parts of your property, so now that this season is coming to an end, it’s time to get a grip on what you’re working with. You might want to hire professional property maintenance services to conduct this walkthrough with you to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. Indeed, neglecting certain damages or missing materials can lead to safety hazards and compliance issues -- both of which you want to avoid. Once you’ve acquired a detailed list of your equipment, materials, and property’s condition, you can start creating a spring cleaning strategy.

Get Organized

The next step for spring cleaning is to prioritize tasks. If your facility’s inspection was thorough, you should clearly see which duties are most pressing and which can wait a little longer. For instance, you might find that it’s been several years since your floors have been deeply cleaned, in which case this task takes high priority. Your cleaning and janitorial services should therefore divert more resources to tasks such as these to revitalize your workplace for spring and beyond. You should also use springtime as a benchmark for testing and optimizing various systems, such as HVAC, fire safety, and electrical systems.

Show Your Exterior Some Love

When it comes to spring cleaning, there is plenty to do inside your facility. This doesn’t mean you should ignore your building’s exterior, however. For the sake of your property’s integrity and appearances, wash away the winter grime via pressure washing, and hire the best window cleaning service to safely and efficiently make those windows sparkle in time for brighter, longer days. Keep in mind that your landscape is part of your facility’s outward appearance as well. A reliable lawn maintenance service can clear up any post-winter lawn debris, set up your irrigation system, fertilize your soil, install colorful spring plant life, and more.

Prepare for Pests

Spring marks the return of life and nature, which includes the resurgence of insects and other pests. The more measures you take in late winter and early spring to prevent pests from damaging your facility and gaining entry into it, the better. Make sure all gaps and cracks are sealed with caulk, and ask your landscaping experts about environmentally-friendly pest control efforts.

Coordinate with Local Waste Cleanup Companies

Depending on your facility's size and the extent of your spring cleaning efforts, you might end up with large amounts of debris, trash, and recycling. And if you haven’t made arrangements with local services such as tree cleanup removal professionals or waste and recycling companies, you might have nowhere to put all of this junk. Obviously, leaving this detritus on your grounds is both an eyesore and a health/safety hazard, so it’s crucial to have it removed immediately—coordinate trash pickups with local providers ahead of time to avoid making this kind of mess.

Springing Back to Life

The start of spring is always exciting but remember: there’s work to do. Fortunately, with some careful planning and help from local contractors, you can cruise through your spring cleaning and take on the rest of the year with a fresh facility. At The Budd Group, our various teams of specialists and contract workers can help you establish and execute an optimal spring cleaning strategy. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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