How to Care for the Trees Outside Your Building

We wouldn’t be able to live in a world without trees, nor would we want to. While some regions are more wooded than others, trees are all around us, beautifying property exteriors, providing shade, oxygen, and nutrients, storing carbon, and more. You’d be hard pressed to find a home or business without at least a tree or two on the premises, and it can be easy to take these natural structures for granted. However, failing to maintain your trees (and landscape as a whole) can create a host of problems for your business, facility, and everyone in or near it. Rather than become an afterthought, then, tree work should remain an important part of your building maintenance protocols. Let’s explore the benefits and hazards trees bring to your business and how to properly care for them.

The Importance of Trees Outside Your Facility

Most of us have a general understanding of the role trees play in local ecosystems and the larger environment as a whole -- but what do they bring to the table for commercial properties, exactly? First and foremost, trees provide aesthetic value to a property’s exterior, boosting its curb appeal. Trees contain a natural beauty that makes even the most industrial setting feel more welcoming and familiar. And in a world that’s becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of commerce, many customers and employees appreciate seeing flora of all kinds surrounding places of business. As such, experienced landscaping services can do much to increase a business’ appeal and reputation.

Of course, the benefits of tree growth go beyond the visual and reputational. Trees can also act as natural shields against wind, flying debris, harsh sunlight, and other environmental threats to your facility’s exterior. Depending on the number, size, and placement of trees outside your property, your building can stay in the shade, extending the lifespan of its paint job, windows, and other exterior features.

The Trouble With Trees

Despite their aesthetic and practical benefits, trees can also become liabilities for your business, especially if you let them run wild. The majority of trees surrounding a given building need attention on a periodic basis, to prevent or amend issues like dead branches, overgrowth, hollowing out, disease, compacted soil, and more. If these problems seem trivial, consider their potential effects. For example, a tree that’s been eaten away from the inside out by pests or fungi will eventually collapse if not properly removed. If said tree is close enough to your building, it can cause structural damage -- even if it doesn’t make contact with your facility, the trunk and/or branches can fall on people nearby (as well as cars, animals, etc.), leading to injury or worse.

Tree-related issues aren’t necessarily so sudden or dire, either. Neglecting tree maintenance can also damage your business’ reputation and create costly inefficiencies. For instance, trees with low-hanging, overgrown branches can obstruct vision as well as vehicular and foot traffic. Trimming these large, low branches creates more clearance in a process known as elevation.

How to Tame Your Facility’s Trees

By now, it should be clear that in order to reap the rewards of trees outside your facility, you must invest in relevant landscape maintenance services. We’ve already discussed some of the issues caused by untamed trees. Now, let’s outline some of the most pertinent tree care services to consider:

  • Planting and transplanting: new trees are selected and installed in optimal locations, and existing trees can sometimes be moved, if necessary and practical

  • Fertilization, aeration, and pest control: sustainable tree growth is supported by proper fertilization and other lawn care services

  • Tree health inspection: existing trees are assessed periodically to check for, address, and prevent disease, pest infestations, and other problems

  • Trimming: certain branches and limbs are removed, cut down, and/or reshaped to improve a tree’s appearance and, in some cases, its health

  • Pruning: experts periodically remove dead, loose, or infected branches to promote new growth and prevent future issues

  • Tree removal: dead, dying, overgrown, or misplaced trees are carefully cut down from the top to bottom, leaving a stump behind that can also be removed, if needed

  • Storm preparation and tree debris removal: trees are inspected and prepared with severe weather in mind -- after a storm, fallen limbs, branches, leaves, and other debris are efficiently cleared away

The tree services listed here provide a general outline of the kind of maintenance you should prioritize regarding your facility’s trees.

Why Trust The Budd Group for Your Tree Work Needs?

At The Budd Group, we provide comprehensive commercial landscaping services for virtually all industries. Tree work (which includes all the services laid out above) constitutes just a portion of our landscape offerings. Our landscaping experts handle the following:

  • Athletic field

    • Installation & maintenance

    • Lining & setup for games

    • Topdressing & turf management

    • Artificial turf infill

  • Commercial installations

  • Commercial landscape maintenance

  • Complete fertilization & pest management

  • Erosion control

  • Irrigation installation & management

  • Landscape installation

  • Mowing, trimming, edging & blowing

  • Pine needle & mulch installation

  • Pots & planter programs

  • Renovation design & installation

  • Repairs

  • Seasonal color installation

  • Service contracts

  • Shrub installation & pruning

  • Site planning

  • Snow & ice removal

  • Sod replacement

  • Soil testing

  • Storm debris removal & cleanup

  • Tractor & bush hog work

  • Tree pruning, removal & installation

  • Turf management consultation

  • Water resource management

  • Weed control for beds & turf

  • ...and more

Why hire multiple contractors for your various property maintenance needs when you could partner up with a single provider with the experience and resources to cover all your bases and then some? Whether you’re turning your attention to tree work or looking for other landscaping and maintenance solutions, The Budd Group has your back. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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