How Often Should You Deep Clean Office Furniture and Other Features?

As you prepare for your office reopening (if you’re not back already), it’s a great time to revisit your current cleaning and maintenance practices. You’ll want to begin by developing an office cleaning schedule that breaks down the frequency of certain tasks. For instance, desks and keyboards should be wiped down once a day, and vacuuming might occur once or twice a week. Certain cleaning duties might not be as clear-cut, however.

While office furniture, carpeting, and other upholstered features also require regular cleaning, less frequent deeper cleaning is necessary to root out more stubborn dirt, dust, and grime in these items.

So, how often should you deep clean office furniture and other similar features? Well, it depends -- but on what, exactly? Let’s discuss these matters further.

What Determines How Often You Should Perform Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning refers to processes that go further than regular cleaning, removing dirt, dust, and grime embedded in a particular surface (e.g., steam cleaning, shampooing, sanitizing, etc.). Porous, upholstered items like furniture require this level of deep cleaning because small particles like bacteria and other invisible contaminants can easily make their way inside and linger there until actively removed. The amount of dirt and grime that accumulate on your furniture depends largely on what goes on in your office. If your office features high occupancy and plenty of activity (e.g., lots of foot traffic and furniture use), you’ll want to invest in this deep cleaning more often than if it only contains a handful of workers and minimal movement.

The frequency with which you deep clean your office furniture and similar features will also depend on your resources and budgetary needs. Your janitorial cleaning services may not be equipped or qualified to perform this particular cleaning task, which means you would need to hire an external contractor to handle this. If you can’t afford to do this often, you may be forced to put off this task longer than you might otherwise want to. Of course, if your furniture and carpeted floors go too long without a deep clean, you’ll likely run into more severe and expensive problems, such as poor indoor air quality, mold/mildew formation, increased disease transmission, and more.

The Verdict

So, how often you deep clean your office furniture depends on how your workplace operates and whether you can afford commercial deep cleaning services on a regular basis. Before 2020, the average office could go about a year between deep cleanings of their furniture and carpeted floors. That said, busier offices with more employees and foot traffic, or those looking for extra protection for their employees, should bump this up to twice per year if possible. The furniture and carpeting in lobbies, waiting rooms, and other high-traffic public areas may require deep cleaning every few months to ensure the ongoing health and safety of everyone inside (and to keep up appearances).

Ultimately, the answer to any question regarding the frequency of cleaning office buildings is conditional and certainly worth figuring out. If you’re not exactly sure when and how to clean your office furniture, The Budd Group is here to help. We offer customized cleaning solutions, so our clients’ facilities receive the precise level of care they require. To learn more about our services and values, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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