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As we continue to monitor the spread, treatment, and systems changes during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one question comes up again and again: is there anything we can do? Of course, no one can 100% guarantee that protective measures they’re taking will completely prevent coronavirus from spreading. But for businesses that provide essential services and must stay open, microfiber cloths are an effective way to remove many pathogens (which may include some viruses, depending on fiber size and other cleaning methods used) from your surfaces.

What are Microfiber Cloths?

Microfiber cloths have millions of micro-sized fibers concentrated into the very small surface area the size of a typical cleaning cloth. Most microfiber cloths are made from a mixture of polyester and nylon.

How Do Microfiber Cloths Work?

Instead of soap, water, or caustic detergents, microfiber cloths rely on physics to remove pathogens from surfaces effectively. Since there are so many fibers concentrated in such a small area on a microfiber cloth, they work together to multiply the force that attaches dirt and pathogens to the cloth and “lifts” them from your surfaces.

How Do I Get the Most from Microfiber Cloths?

If you’re like most essential service providers who are staying open in the wake of COVID-19, you’re stepping up your cleaning measures to keep personnel and visitors who need your services safe. Using microfiber cloths, or ensuring your janitorial cleaning services team is using them, is a great step to take towards improved building disinfection. Because microfiber cloths rely on physics, you don’t need to soak them in any cleaning products before using them. In fact, that may curb their effectiveness. Instead, add a microfiber cloth wipe down to your cleaning protocol. Clean the surface with soap and water (or disinfectant) as needed first. Allow for drying time, and for disinfectant kill times to elapse. Then when the surface is dry, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth. That will take the majority of harmful particles off the surface, and will make your office or clinic a safer and cleaner space. Many microfiber cloths are cleaned in boiling or very-hot water, which uncurls the fibers and releases the dirt completely into the water so you can continue to use your cloths. As usual, we suggest reviewing manufacturers’ instructions and warnings thoroughly before using any cleaning product.

Facility Deep Cleaning and Building Disinfection

The Budd Group understands you have questions during this challenging and uncertain time. And we are ready to put our expertise to work for you. We have been working with leading experts in epidemiology, cleaning, and disinfection to further strengthen our knowledge base. We are implementing the latest best practices for sanitation, disinfection, and daily cleaning as they are developed so you can have greater peace of mind. Not every cleaning process can remove viruses, but we design a holistic program to keep your building as clean as possible, even in the most sensitive environments. Our cleaning teams are ready to get to work to protect your customers, your teams, and your facility from further spread of coronavirus. We can audit your current cleaning program, recommend updates, and help you implement the policy and procedures you need to keep your building clean, and the public safe. Ready to get started? Request a building disinfection proposal today.

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