CARES Act - How Do Schools Benefit?

In December 2020, Congress passed a $900 billion relief package- with $82 billion set aside for education. There are specific amounts designated for K-12 schools, higher education, early childhood care providers, and schools run by the Bureau of Indian Education. $54.3 billion is for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER II Fund).

There are several designated uses of funds including addressing learning loss, activities for supporting special populations, providing mental health services, preparing for reopening, and sanitation and cleaning supplies with related training. Though private schools are not included in this ESSER grant, they are eligible for GEER funding which draws from $2.75 billion set aside just for private schools.

School safety is so important that several school systems that have not followed proper Covid-19 safety measures have received citations for safety violations from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). The causes of these citations ranges from not developing hygiene practice plans to inadequately training employees on new safety measures.

What to Know About the CARES Act

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