Top 4 Reasons to Implement a Specialized High Dusting Service Plan

When running a manufacturing facility or warehouse, it’s critical to maintain a hygienic workspace that increases production, workplace morale, and complies with all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Ensuring each corner of your facility is maintained is essential in avoiding downtime due to hazards like dust and debris, so adding a specialized high dusting plan to your building maintenance is crucial.

Specialized high dusting is the mechanical removal of all indoor environmental contaminants found on ceilings, vents, ledges, skylights, exposed air ducts, and pipes, etc. It is a major player that can save you time and money if implemented in any comprehensive janitorial maintenance services plan.

Here are the top four reasons to start a specialized high dusting maintenance plan for your facility.

Benefits of High Dusting Services

1. Mitigates Dust Accumulation

Though dust will settle in anywhere, maintaining it at a commercial facility is especially critical. Dust is a health hazard, as well as a threat to your property and product. You’ll typically find these issues on unfinished or open ceilings, storage areas, and shelving. Since these places are so hard to reach, they easily hide layers of built-up dirt, dust, and grime. These hazards aren’t only unsanitary; they’re not aesthetically pleasing either. Without proper building cleaning procedures, anyone in your facility will be susceptible to the impending health risks, and the overall morale of your company could suffer.

2. Reduces Health Hazards to Your People

Dust inhalation is a health hazard that can irritate the skin and sensitive membranes of your eyes, nose, and throat and aggravate pre-existing sinus and asthmatic conditions. If your employees are working in these conditions, they will likely end up taking more sick days or even leaving the company altogether to better care for themselves. You will see higher labor costs filling in the gaps of a sparse warehouse operating floor.

3. Increases Building Integrity

Specialized high dusting protects your products, equipment, and property from damages. If high dusting is not performed regularly, dust will accumulate in corners and hard-to-reach areas. It can even harden, which will stain paint and building materials and cause permanent discoloration. High levels of dust accumulation may also interfere with the performance of your facility’s heating and cooling system. Not only will you and your staff suffer from the heat or cold, but it will also decrease air quality, causing more health issues in addition to poor building upkeep.

4. Keeps You Up-to-Code

Avoiding shutdowns is crucial, and staying up-to-code is the best way to mitigate risk. Since the OSHA protects employees and tracks operational hazards, your building could be shut down for not alleviating toxic and hazardous substances. Even worse, your building could become more combustible since dust is extremely flammable and can interact with chemicals and other hazards in certain environments. Dust accumulation also allows fires to move more quickly throughout your building, causing shutdowns, major repairs,and liability issues. During repairs, you lose precious time and money getting back up-to-code so that you can reopen as soon as possible. But by maintaining these hazardous substances, you are able to keep running and stay on track.

Specialized High Dusting Maintenance Services

Industrial cleaning companies offer floor-to-ceiling cleaning and building maintenance, but you’ll want to work with one that is experienced and equipped to make sure every nook and cranny is up-to-code, safe, and free of health hazards. At The Budd Group, our highly skilled technicians utilize ladders, scaffolds, rafters, and electric lifts to safely access ceilings, fans, shelving, and other problem areas. And we give you the highest quality manufacturing facility services experience out there.

After clearing the dust by hand, we then use a professional-grade backpack vacuum cleaner to collect and remove dirt and grime from your facility. When the high dusting and ceiling cleaning process is complete, your facility will be dust-free and provide a healthier environment for employees and a more sanitary manufacturing space.

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