COVID-19 Disinfection News; Budd Group Teams Prepare The Citadel for Reopening

The Budd Group is committed to keeping Charleston, SC safe during the ongoing fight against the spread of COVID-19. We're honored that The Citadel has trusted us with their commercial Covid disinfection and campus safety needs. “Every weeknight we’ve got commercial disinfection teams that are going to deploy across campus and what they’re really targeting is all the heavy traffic areas and specifically classrooms,” said Jeff Lamberson, VP of Facilities and Engineering at The Citadel. In addition, The Budd Group is providing spray disinfection, commercial surface disinfection, and an array of deep cleaning best practices. We are utilizing EPA-approved disinfectants proven to kill COVID-19, and our teams have been trained to use them to their maximum efficacy. We are proud to partner with The Citadel in their campus reopening efforts, because they share our commitment to safety. Along with our protective measures, they are taking their own precautions. This includes "self-serve" cleaning and sanitizing areas, as well as a campus-wide requirement: mandatory face masks. To put it simply, cadet, staff, and visitor safety is a top priority. Both The Citadel and The Budd Group are making every effort to minimize risk of spread of infection, and to optimize campus-wide health and safety. “As long as we’re in this environment, we’re going to make this the healthiest environment we can,” said Lamberson. We are committed to keeping The Citadel, and every campus, office, and public building safe with the latest coronavirus cleaning techniques. Learn more about our deep-clean, multifaceted approach to surface, touchpoint and commercial building disinfection from this News 2 report.

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