Janitorial Services Companies: Does Your Cleaning Company Know Your Industry?

Every industry is unique, and so are the many businesses that make up a given industry. That said, there is at least one constant that rings true for all organizations, regardless of their purpose or scope: cleanliness is key to overall success. A clean, well-organized work environment keeps staff members safe and healthy and leaves a lasting impression on customers, guests, and partners. But the resources, methods, and requirements for maintaining a clean facility may differ from one business to the next. Therefore, your enterprise requires personalized commercial cleaning solutions that go beyond the bare minimum. So, as you search for a reliable janitorial service provider, you must always consider whether they know your industry and facility well enough to do the best possible job.

Why Specialization Is So Important

In some instances, a one-size-fits-all solution is convenient and even the most efficient option. When it comes to screening janitorial companies, however, you want the opposite. For a number of reasons, your provider must abide by standards specific to your industry and the type of facility in which you operate. These best practices can range in severity from mere recommendations to legal mandates. For instance, there are certain cleaning standards in healthcare outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that must be followed on state and/or federal levels. These include procedures for sterilizing and disinfecting surfaces, storing certain items, safely cleaning linens, and more. Whether you’re in healthcare, manufacturing, food processing, or any other industry, these standards are there for a reason, and neglecting to obey them isn’t just a legal matter, but an ethical matter, too. If your service provider is not well-versed in your industry, an honest mistake could have a major negative impact. Consider that chemicals used for cleaning one type of facility might pose a health risk to customers or workers of a different type of facility. Additionally, working with janitorial services focused on specialty offerings helps you maintain an efficient workplace. Manufacturing plants, for example, must operate on rigid schedules and contain complex equipment that must be cleaned a certain way at a specific time to ensure maximum productivity.

Does Your Cleaning Company Know You?

The best janitorial companies won’t just know your industry, they’ll take the time to know your business and facility as well. Industry-wide rules and recommendations still apply to your operation, of course, but your facility might require custom solutions to achieve these goals and optimize processes. Therefore, you want to work with a cleaning company with an eye for detail and experience in scheduling and strategizing. And, above all, you want a partner with strong communication skills and quick response times.

The Budd Group Difference

You know your industry inside and out. So should your cleaning team. At The Budd Group, we pride ourselves on standing out from other commercial janitorial service companies by focusing on the needs and satisfaction of each and every customer so that we can provide the best services specific to every industry and facility we serve. In order to truly get to know our customers and their fields, we begin by evaluating their internal culture, needs, and priorities. Then, we process and hire only the most passionate and qualified candidates for each role so every worker is a perfect fit. Our rigorous training programs ensure that each of our customers ends up with only the best people with the necessary knowledge and skills. To learn more about our services, our people, and our mission, give us a call today at (800) 221-8158!

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