Coronavirus Disinfection: Take Advantage of an Empty Office and Deep Clean

Office and business closures due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns are challenging hurdles for owners, operators, and facility managers. But they also represent an opportunity for a proactive approach to public safety, and protecting the health and wellbeing of your teams and employees.

Reducing Contamination and Infection Risk

Normal operations mean there is a greater risk of contamination and spread of germs. You simply can’t control or mitigate what every person, object, or piece of equipment brings into your space. However, having an empty building significantly lowers those risks. This is particularly true regarding COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens. Since the virus spreads so easily from person to person, removing as many people from possible from your building means that surfaces and rooms can get cleaner, and stay cleaner, for a longer period. But emptying spaces isn’t the only step necessary to slowing and stopping the spread of Coronavirus. Since the virus can remain on surfaces that came in contact with the virus when your building was occupied, and you can’t be sure which surfaces weren’t infected, comprehensive surface cleaning becomes a necessity. The Budd Group recommends deep cleaning services for offices that are closed as part of “shelter in place” orders. It brings you greater peace of mind, and makes it clear to everyone you do business with that you take health and safety seriously.

Recommended Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning for your commercial space means a top-to-bottom approach to building disinfection. It includes, but is not limited to, things like:
  • Surface cleaning
  • Wall cleaning
  • Touchpoints (tables, door handles, etc)
  • Equipment
  • Flooring
  • Restrooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Cafeterias and lobbies
Deep cleaning is also a great time to clean areas that you may not be able to attend to as frequently during normal business hours (storage areas, parking facilities, loading docks, etc.). Outdoor areas can also be cleaned, cleared, and improved as a part of complete facility cleanup with landscaping services.

Thorough Disinfection to Kill COVID-19

The Budd Group has the tools, techniques, and equipment to safely deep clean your building to better protect you, your teams, and your visitors against Coronavirus. We use EPA-approved disinfectants known to kill COVID-19, and train every janitorial services team member in their effective application. Along with any other deep cleaning services required at your facility, we can assist with:
  • COVID-19 remediation: Call us immediately if you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your facility. We will act quickly to begin disinfection.
  • Electrostatic misting: Electrostatic misting disinfects sensitive equipment and spaces in your facility with a fine mist.
  • Deep disinfection: Deep disinfection completely disinfects all surfaces and areas of your office building.
  • Touchpoint disinfection: Touchpoint disinfection focuses on areas people must touch when moving through your facility. Thorough disinfection of these areas is an effective way to lower threat of infection significantly.
We are here for you in these uncertain times, and we have the expertise to keep your facility safe. Take proactive steps toward coronavirus prevention during “shelter in place” orders. Deep clean office surfaces, equipment, and fixtures across your commercial property. Get started now. Request your building disinfection proposal today.

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