Employees with Disabilities Find Opportunities in Janitorial Services

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2018, the employee-population ratio for those with a disability was just 19.1%, compared to 65.9% for those without a disability. While this ratio is a slight increase from 2017, thousands of citizens with a disability continue to struggle to find meaningful, well-paying work.

This is a difficult situation to remedy because many jobs require actions that some disabilities prevent or hinder, such as lifting heavy objects, communicating with customers, or filling out reports. This doesn’t mean that people with disabilities cannot or do not want to work, however. Fortunately, more and more organizations are beginning to offer programs that seek to hire people with disabilities and support their growing careers. The janitorial services industry provides many opportunities for these workers.

How Janitorial Services Provide Opportunities for Employees with Disabilities

Commercial cleaning services are multi-faceted, meaning they have several components that make up the whole of the industry. For instance, these services include floor cleaning, dusting, restroom maintenance, preventative care, and so much more. Plus, many different tools are utilized in these efforts. An employee may be responsible for multiple aspects of cleaning, or just one. This means that an employee with a disability might be unable to perform certain tasks, but excel at others.

Janitorial companies also benefit from hiring workers with disabilities. Because there are fewer employment opportunities for those with disabilities, companies who focus on hiring these workers see a high retention rate. This is especially true for companies that offer additional services for their employees, such as transportation, counseling, and vocational training.

Horizons Beyond Janitorial Work

One of the biggest hurdles facing people with disabilities as they seek employment is developing experience to fill out their resume. Depending on an employee’s level of functionality and ambition, an entry-level job in janitorial cleaning services can serve as a springboard to further opportunities. Some employees may continue working with the first company that hired them, while others will move on to work for other commercial cleaning contractors or switch careers entirely. Whatever the case, there is no denying the importance of landing that first job and using it to leverage further advancement.

The Importance of Equal Opportunity Employment

Those who are willing to work should be able to find a job suited to their interests and abilities. While this pursuit may be more difficult for those with disabilities, it shouldn’t be impossible. This is why it’s crucial for employers to abide by equal opportunity hiring practices.

At The Budd Group, we hire hard-working, ethical people, first and foremost. We don’t discriminate based on immutable characteristics, such as race, sex, or disability. We care about our people, so we offer a host of benefits to all workers, including disability insurance, job-related training, paid time off, health insurance, and more.

We hope to see the rate of employment continue to increase for those with disabilities, and we aim to provide opportunities for anyone willing to do a great job and serve their community. The janitorial service industry is a great fit for all kinds of workers, including those with disabilities. The Budd Group will continue to provide these opportunities for all. To learn more about us, our people, and our mission, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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