Residential Irrigation Services in Charlotte, NC

Residential Irrigation in Charlotte, NC

When rain is scarce, it’s important to be sure your irrigation system is running properly. Irrigation keeps your landscaping lush and beautiful, no matter the season. If you’re looking to install irrigation systems for your Charlotte, NC home, The Budd Group, will get your system up and running quickly. An inefficient irrigation system can cost you up to 300% more! A quick wet walk audit, checking all sprinkler heads, their strength and radius, and installing rain sensors, will always save you money. Not to mention rain sensors are the law in many areas, and it’s good to have a legal lawn! Even if your system seems to be running properly, it should be checked. It may be running inefficiently, an underground leak could exist, or the sprinkler heads could be hitting more pavement than landscaping.

Why is Home Irrigation Important?

You can better protect and nurture your yard with efficient, effective residential irrigation services. Irrigation systems benefit Charlotte, NC properties in a variety of natural settings. Whether your property has Bermuda grass, fescue grass, flowerbeds, planters, or a mix of many landscaping elements and designs, irrigation systems can be set to water according to the needs of your unique home landscaping. Irrigation benefits your property for a number of reasons:

  • Improves the aesthetics of your property, increases home value
  • Keeps grass, trees, flowers, and shrubbery vibrant and healthy
  • Prevents overwatering, getting non-landscape property areas wet
  • Does not rely on people’s memory, waters regularly as often as needed, and can operate safely whether or not your business is open

Since irrigation systems are designed with grasses and their root systems in mind, they are set up to provide deeper watering less frequently. That means they won’t use too much water, and won’t water where it isn’t needed. The results are all positive: saved time, saved energy, saved money, and a more beautiful landscape. And because irrigation systems are designed to water roots as well as leaves, your landscape will be healthier, from the ground up. The systems can be timed to water when there is less wind, so the water goes to the right place. Irrigation also typically happens when there are fewer people on-site, which preserves your landscape while keeping it evenly watered.

The Budd Group residential irrigation services in Charlotte

Irrigation and Green Landscaping

The Budd Group provides home irrigation repair, system setup, installation, and monitoring as part of our comprehensive landscaping services in Charlotte, NC. We’re committed to using best practices and the most efficient tools for irrigation. Not only because it saves our clients money and time, but because it’s good environmental stewardship. Smart water management is integral to our commitment to using products, equipment, and processes that leave a lower carbon footprint. We know it’s frustrating to find out your plants are rotting or dying due to poor irrigation systems, inadequate watering, or overwatering of landscapes and planters. Our teams will work with you to ensure proper installation, implementation, and monitoring of any systems on your property. We know how to set up your irrigation system for success so your property looks inviting year-round.

Water Your Yard Year-Round with Residential Irrigation

If your irrigation repair, installation or system upgrade is overdue, don’t wait for grass and plant life to wither. Call The Budd Group today for your irrigation services proposal and start looking forward to a more beautiful landscape. With over 55 years of experience serving the Charlotte, NC community, The Budd Group, prides itself in creating the perfect yard. As a full-service landscaping company, our trained staff uses the most up to date standards to keep your yard beautiful. We have professional landscapers ready to install a home irrigation system on your property. Call The Budd Group  at 1-800-221-8158 or  send us an email and we will promptly get someone to your home.

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