Floor Care Tips for the Holiday Break at Your Education Facility

The holiday break offers a perfect opportunity to take care of many of the outstanding issues your educational facility might see from disrepair or general wear and tear. Since floors in high-traffic areas like schools take a constant beating, now is the time to schedule a commercial floor cleaning service to take care of all of your flooring needs. Here’s how The Budd Group can help get your facility in tip-top shape while students and staff are out for the holidays.

Why Invest in Floor Maintenance Services?

Keeping your educational facility’s floors in good condition isn’t just about aesthetics (although you certainly want your floors to look great for your students, staff, and visiting parents) – it’s also about safety. When floors are in any state of disrepair, this allows greater risk of injury to the many people your school serves, as well as opens your facility to structural damage beneath the surface of your floors.

When there are scratches, dents, and stains in your flooring, it can look particularly unpleasant as is. But if you’re looking at significant damage like cracks, warping, and buckling, or the presence of mold and mildew, you open your facility up to a host of other safety and sanitation issues. Trip hazards are risky. Squeaky floors are distracting. Loose flooring can provide an opening for pest infestations. And mechanical or plumbing damage is a very real risk if floors are not well maintained.

Look Into Floor Maintenance Services First

The first thing to consider is any repairing or restoration your floors may need. This might include things like tile and grout restoration and floor stripping. Black and dirty grout between your tiles is more than just an eyesore, as cracked or broken grout can actually harbor bacteria that puts your students and faculty at risk of illness. Grout should be professionally cleaned – and repaired if needed – at least once a year. If it’s been quite some time since your facility received this type of service, you may be overdue.

What about warped flooring due to water damage? When moisture collects, it can cause the floor to buckle, making an uneven (and therefore unsafe) surface for foot traffic. If you haven’t received floor stripping in some time, your protective layers of wax or other coating are probably damaged. If you don’t receive regular commercial carpet cleaning, you decrease the lifespan of your carpeting significantly, which can be costly in the long run. The cleanliness of your carpets can also affect your indoor air quality, allowing for the accumulation of harmful allergens or mold.

You may be in need of new layers of finish before additional scratches, scuffs, or damage from moisture present a much bigger structural problem. Stripping and waxing is recommended at least one to two times per year in high-traffic areas like educational facilities.

Next, Consider Commercial Floor Cleaning

If you don’t regularly receive deep cleaning on your floors, chances are they're overdue for a thorough floor cleaning service. Burnishing and/or buffing your floors, floor waxing, scrubbing, and refinishing can help all of your school’s flooring – from your science labs to your gymnasium – stay squeaky clean and ready for the daily foot traffic they’re getting.

Commercial floor cleaning for hardwood or tile floors that need buffing is recommended roughly once a month. For carpeted areas, this recommended frequency increases to at least once, if not twice, per month.

Take a look at your options and be sure to hire a trusted, established commercial floor cleaning company with an excellent track record in providing quality service to its customers. The company you hire should be able to provide you with glowing customer testimonials and ample proof of great service over the course of many years.

Finally, Assess Your Current Janitorial Services and Needs

The truth is that not all janitorial services are created equal. If you keep finding your janitorial services to be lacking, it might be time to reassess the company you’ve contracted with. The holiday break is a great opportunity to make a switch or, at the very least, try out a new janitorial service company to meet your daily or periodic floor care needs.

Is the sweeping and vacuuming you’re receiving up to snuff, or are you finding floors to be less than clean when your janitorial staff is finished with them? Is wet mopping getting done? How about disinfection services to keep your students, staff, and parents healthy throughout the year – especially during cold and flu season? In germ-prone areas like cafeterias and bathrooms, this type of maintenance is especially crucial.

Look for a company that not only provides dependable, experienced staff, but also the tools and cleaning products to get the job done right. The last thing you want is to have to stay on top of your cleaning and janitorial services while managing the many other facets you’re responsible for at your school.

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