Can Corporate Recycling Programs Result in Significant Cost Savings?

There has been a massive increase in recycling initiatives in the past few decades. Recycling programs are encouraged in communities primarily for the sake of environmental protection. While this aim is noble and important, it turns out that recycling efforts yield other benefits as well. They can save companies a significant amount each year. Let’s take a look at how corporate recycling programs can result in these cost savings.

1. Saving Paper

Office paper is by far the worst offender when it comes to corporate waste production. Even with the advent of digital document filing and sharing, millions of pounds of paper are wasted by office workers each year. Paper alone now takes up about ⅙ of landfill space. But this waste isn’t just hurting our environment, it’s hurting every business’ bottom line as well. Consider how much it costs to purchase enough paper for the year. Then keep in mind that a huge chunk of that paper never gets used. Backs of pages are left blank, printing errors result in crumpled heaps, and an excess of copies are made for no good reason. Simply reusing paper, printing on both sides, and making sure to toss old paper into a recycling bin can save a company thousands or more.

2. Recycling Old Electronics

Electronic devices aren’t tossed aside as frequently as paper, but improperly disposing of them can cost a company a decent chunk every year. In truth, even the most outdated or busted electronics usually have some value and can be recycled or sold for their parts. Sometimes the manufacturer itself will offer savings or incentives to your company by sending them back their damaged or obsolete devices. Otherwise a company can try selling or donating these parts for others to repair or use in another way. There are plenty of electronic recycling programs available. Even if the company doesn’t directly profit from recycling these parts, it can help reduce the massive amounts of electronic waste dumped in landfills each year.

3. Less Waste, Fewer Pickups

We often take trash pickup services for granted. We don’t really think about the implications of accruing all that waste because we know it will be removed in the near future. However, these services aren’t free. The more trash a company builds up, the more it will pay in the end. Investing in corporate recycling cuts down on all this waste. This will allow a business to negotiate new terms with its trash pickup service, requiring fewer visits. Recycling services are cheaper, on the other hand, because they sell a large portion of a company’s recycled goods. Therefore, a company saves money over time by recycling more and wasting less. There are many reasons to initiate company recycling programs. They’re better for the environment and save companies millions of dollars every year. By reducing paper use, recycling electronic goods, and simply throwing less stuff away, businesses can bolster their bottom line while making the world a better place to live. At The Budd Group, we offer trash and recycling removal services as part of our janitorial services package. We work closely with all of our customers to find the right solutions. Give us a call at 800-221-8158 or send us an email at for more information!

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