We Are Proud to Have Sponsored the 38th Annual Winterlark Event and Look Forward to Next Year!

Since our inception in 1963, The Budd Group has always been committed to serving our customers and community to the best of our ability. While our business has grown significantly since those early days, this mission has remained firm. Our constant striving to be a God-honoring company that meets our customers’ needs and contributes to our community not only informs our various facility support solutions (including healthcare cleaning) -- it also lies at the heart of our philanthropic efforts. While we don’t often share details about our charitable donations, we’re incredibly proud to sponsor and support Winterlark. This year, the annual fundraiser is responsible for raising over $373,000 to support cancer patients at Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Comprehensive Cancer Center via counseling and patient aid. We’re thrilled to be one of many contributors to this wonderful cause and plan on continuing to do so.

A Bit About Winterlark 2021

No one can deny that 2020 was a turbulent year for everyone around the world. The healthcare industry was hit harder than any other, leaving staffers and patients in new and difficult situations. While Winterlark was consistently an in-person gala for 37 years, its 38th fundraiser this past February took the form of a virtual peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. This shift in format didn’t stop The Budd group, along with 39 other corporate sponsors (or “champions”) from collectively matching the amount raised the year before. Last year’s in-person event (which took place on February 8th, just weeks before COVID-19 became a widely known and omnipresent force) raised more than $373,000 for Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Cancer Patient Support Program -- this year, despite obvious challenges, more than $372,362 was raised, far surpassing the $300,000 goal and once again expressing the outpouring of support from the Winston-Salem, NC, community. And we look forward to what will be raised in 2022!

Much like 2020’s 37th annual Winterlark fundraiser, the money raised during 2021’s 38th peer-to-peer event amounted to approximately 50% of the program’s yearly operating budget. The event’s theme, “Seeing no one faces cancer alone,” is a particularly prescient choice for a year that would make it harder than ever for some patients to be with their families in person. The well-funded Cancer Patients Support Program provides everything from patient education to counseling, support groups, and more -- all free to the community. The success of this program (which began in 1980) has led it to become a model for other cancer centers around the country.

The Future of Our Charitable Efforts

While last year’s Winterlark event looked a bit different than the one before it, the 38th annual fundraiser was another rousing success, and the 39th will likely be a return to form. The Budd Group looks forward to supporting this and other important causes in our community. For us, the multitude of services we offer -- hospital cleaning, landscaping, janitorial and maintenance work, facility support, etc. -- isn’t merely about getting a job done but about being of service to our clients and community. In this way, our commitment to quality work and to charitable causes like Winterlark derive from the same source. A healthier community is a stronger one, and we will continue doing our part to contribute to that strength.

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