Understanding the U.S. Government’s American Rescue Plan Funding for Schools & Colleges

Understanding the U.S. Government’s American Rescue Plan Funding for Schools & Colleges

Learn from our Expert on How to Optimize Your Funding and Make Your Facilities Ready to Reopen and Stay Open

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Video Transcription – Overview:

  1. Introductions = Matt Streiff
  2. Featured Speaker’s Presentation = Reagan Lynch
  3. Budd Group Service Capabilities Overview = Jason Lee
  4. Call to Action = Marc Tomchin
  5. Q&A from Attendees Chat = Moderated by Matt Streiff
  6. Post Webinar Survey = Amber & Nicole

1. Agenda Details & Introductions: 10:02 – 10:07

Matt Streiff = Review the agenda of the webinar and general housekeeping

  • Special thanks to Diversey and The Budd Group
  • Establishing ground rules (mute for all attendees, etc)
  • Request attendees to send chat with their role/title; submit questions in the chat
  • Let the audience know how to receive copies of the slides
  • Pre-frame the call to action

Matt Streiff = Introduction of Presenter Bio’s: 10:08 – 10:12

Reagan Lynch is a grant professional who has raised over $18 million for clients. A nationally recognized expert in the areas of education funding and federal compliance, Mr. Lynch excels at making the complex simple. He has founded two nonprofit organizations, served on two federal advisory committees under Presidential appointment, guided a Fortune 1000 company through a complex infrastructure grant project, and presented to multiple organizations on federal grants and congressional appropriations.

Jason Lee serves as the Program Manager of Specialty Services for the Budd Group. Jason has assisted the majority of Fortune 50 clients, K-12 and Higher Education customers across the United States with implementation of facility enhancement projects for over 25 years. Recognized as one of the first LEED Accredited Professionals in Operations & Maintenance, Jason’s ultimate goal is to provide sustainable solutions to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment for all occupants.

Marc Tomchin is the Director of Facility Support for the Education Segment of the Budd Group. Marc joined the Budd Group in August 2020 as a Subject Matter Expert in Integrated Facilities Management. Marc has been providing facilities solutions for the education market since 1997. He has extensive experience in Maintenance, Custodial and Grounds operations and the impact these services have on a school’s success. Marc’s role with the Budd Group is focused on developing solutions for the challenges experienced by our education clients. 

2. Featured Speaker’s presentation: 10:13 – 10:35

Reagan Lynch: Overview of Potential Topics for discussion (NEED SLIDES)

3. Budd Group Message & Call to action: 10:35 – 10:45

Jason Lee (10:35 – 10:39)

  • Overview of Budd Group Service Capabilities

Marc Tomchin (10:39 – 10:45)

  • Highlight the benefits for the attendees (identify needs; timeliness of the Webinar for summer)
  • Overview of some solutions (I.E. BONA)

4. Q&A: 10:45 – 10:58

Combination of scripted and/or questions that came through the chat to be answered by presenters. 

  • Our school wants to start an afterschool program. Can we use ESSER III funds to renovate part  of a building to provide space for the program to address learning loss, and the need for additional space and capacity for COVID mitigation?
  • My school HVAC system is failing. Can funds be used to replace the system? I have documentation for the HVAC and documentation showing that improved circulation will help reduce viral transmission.
  • Can we replace the carpet or flooring?
  • What happens if we have ESSER and/or CARES Act Funds allocated to our department that aren’t fully spent yet?
  • Can we use ESSER or CARES Act funding for any facility enhancement need?
  • Can you explain how to apply for ARP funding?

Matt Streiff (Closing Remarks)

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