Janitorial Services Nashville: 5 Differences Between a Local Contractor and a National One

Choosing the right janitorial provider for your business is no simple task. There are plenty of considerations that go into making such a decision, such as the scope of services you require, the provider’s hiring and training practices, their credentials and reputation, and more. On top of that, you must decide whether you want to work with a local company, mid-sized provider, or national contractor. Here we’ll explore five major differences between local janitorial services and national providers, and how those differences might affect your final decision.

1. Budget and Purchasing Power

Businesses don’t just acquire a national reach right away. This expansion takes time and major investment. If a janitorial company manages to grow to this extent and remain viable, it will have amassed a large pool of resources and connections that smaller janitorial services lack. In some cases, a larger company’s capabilities, supplies, and savings get passed on to you, the customer, but this isn’t always so. National contractors also tend to have stronger marketing campaigns than local ones, so you might come across a larger provider first. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, though. Your business might not need the vast resources or budgets that national contractors offer. Additionally, larger companies might be lacking in ways that smaller and/or local ones excel.

2. Flexibility

The best janitorial companies for your organization are those that offer the right amount of people when you need them. The smallest and largest contractors sometimes struggle in this department, but for different reasons. Smaller janitorial services might simply not have enough employees to meet your demands, while larger ones might lack a major presence in your area. So, your best bet here is to find a local contractor that’s big enough to support your facility (or facilities) but grounded in your region to always be there when you need them.

3. Employee Morale

In terms of employee treatment, opportunities, and morale, there’s no hard and fast rule that deems national or local contractors the winner. It ultimately comes down to a specific company’s mission and management structure. For instance, a national contractor might be able to deliver stellar benefits to its people, but it might also have a hard time building a tight-knit culture due its large size and lack of regional identity. Conversely, a great local contractor can more easily establish a strong, loyal internal culture, though it might lack the resources to deliver the highest-quality training, salaries, benefits packages, etc. You want to work with a provider that does right by its people to the best of its ability, and then some.

4. Personalization and Care

Janitorial contractors of varying sizes may offer more or less personalized care to their customers. Consider that local commercial cleaning companies have a smaller pool of clients than national ones. This means that local providers can prioritize all of their customers and, if resources allow, deliver close, customized services to each one. National contractors might offer a wider range of services, of course, but their bigger customer base might leave the smaller clients high and dry on some occasions.

5. Community Contribution and Focus

If you’re a community-oriented local business, you probably understand the importance of supporting other local businesses, including janitorial providers near you. By hiring, say, local office cleaners rather than a national option, you’re helping to keep several citizens in your region gainfully employed. Their dollars will then go back into your shared community and help lift everyone up. Local janitorial services may also take an active role in the community by sponsoring events, partnering up with charity organizations, or directly supporting regional efforts. National contractors can also contribute to various communities and causes, of course, but these efforts often don’t share the same focus or passion. There are plenty of reasons to hire a local, mid-sized, or national janitorial contractor. Your decision should be based on your business’ needs and goals. Centered in Nashville, Tennessee, The Budd Group is proud to serve a number of communities throughout the southeastern United States. To learn more about our services, service area, our people, and our mission, give us a call today at 800-221-8158!

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