What to Know about Concrete Joint and Crack Repair

There’s a reason concrete floors can be found in a wide range of facilities across many industries. Concrete floors are durable, versatile, and relatively easy to maintain with the proper processes. That said, even the strongest concrete floor is susceptible to wear and tear, especially in a highly active setting. Proper commercial floor maintenance and repair are essential for keeping your concrete floors sturdy, safe, and beautiful. Beyond regular cleaning, your floors will need more thorough attention at certain intervals. When cracks begin to form in your concrete flooring, the result is more than merely an eyesore -- moisture, dirt, and debris can easily enter these openings and damage your concrete slabs from the inside. Before long, your concrete floors may sink and settle, encounter more fracturing, and more. Concrete joint and crack repair offers an important solution to these potential problems. Let’s go over what this process entails, which facilities stand to benefit from it, and what it can do for your floors.

What Is Concrete Joint and Crack Repair?

As its name suggests, concrete joint and crack repair refers to the process by which openings in concrete surfaces are sealed and therefore eliminated. Of course, joints and cracks refer to two different types of gaps. Joints are intentionally placed gaps between concrete slabs to allow for more flexibility as the earth beneath the floor shifts -- in other words, joints are meant to prevent the concrete from cracking in the first place or, in some cases, control where cracking occurs. Despite their benefits, however, concrete joints can run into problems, and they’re not always effective at keeping cracking under control. For both of these reasons, it’s often necessary to fill joints with high-quality caulk so any underlying or adjacent cracks remain sealed. Once these joints and cracks have been thoroughly sealed, harmful materials like moisture and other contaminants will have a harder time gaining entry. Neglecting this type of commercial floor care can result in deep, lasting, and costly problems with your concrete flooring.

Which Facilities Require Concrete Joint and Crack Repair?

It should come as no surprise that concrete joint and crack repair is a vital service for any facility with concrete floors, whether inside, outside, or both. These repairs are required more frequently by high-traffic facilities such as warehouses and factories, since these work areas undergo a great deal of pressure from heavy machinery, regular foot traffic, and extreme conditions. Likewise, outdoor commercial concrete flooring such as sidewalks may require relatively frequent joint and crack repair since they’re exposed to environmental threats, including sunlight, wind, rain, pests, and more. As such, the list of industries that require these concrete repair services include education, healthcare, hospitality, multifamily, retail, and so much more.

The Importance of Concrete Joint and Crack Repair

So, why does concrete joint and crack repair matter, anyway? At first glance, cracks might not seem like such a big deal, especially since they’re so common for concrete floors. While it’s true that minor fractures aren’t cause for alarm on their own, they serve as a warning sign for potential problems to come. As mentioned earlier, most concrete deterioration begins with minor cracks, since moisture and other small materials make their way inside said cracks and do further harm. The sooner you seal these breaches, the better you protect your concrete surfaces from damage.

Beyond ensuring the ongoing integrity of your floors, however, concrete joint and crack repair are also key in keeping employees, guests, and customers safe on the premises. Even small cracks and gaps can lead to trips and falls, resulting in injury (and potentially penalties for your business). In this way, concrete joint and crack repair reduces liability and improves safety outcomes.

Last but not least, filling the cracks and gaps in your concrete floors improves the overall look of your flooring. Aesthetics might not be your primary concern, but appearances do matter, both for boosting worker morale and impressing customers and guests. Maintaining beautiful floors adds value to your business and property, so these commercial flooring services can do wonders for your bottom line and reputation.

Do Your Concrete Floors Need Joint and Crack Repairs?

If you don’t know what to look for, it can be difficult to know whether or not your concrete floors need immediate attention. As such, it’s best to partner up with commercial flooring contractors that can provide periodic inspections and perform any and all necessary repairs to keep your concrete floors in optimal shape. The Budd Group is a full-service property maintenance provider with ample resources to handle a wide variety of repairs across multiple industries. Whether your facility requires commercial floor care, landscaping, janitorial support, etc., we have you covered.

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