Tile and Grout Restoration

Tile and Grout Restoration

Tile flooring is a great choice for any type of room. For one thing, it’s versatile, with tiles available in many sizes, colors and patterns. Ceramic tile floors are also durable and easy to clean, resisting water and stains and holding strong against physical impact. Best of all, if a tile does incur damage, replacing it is straightforward and fast.

Grout is the type of mortar paste that reinforces a tile floor, holding everything together. If this material deteriorates, it can cause adjacent tiles to loosen, lift up and/or crack. Dirt and debris may also enter the grout and tiles, potentially spreading bacteria in your facility. In order to extend the life and appearance of your tile and grout flooring—and to maintain the health and safety of your work environment—tile and grout restoration is necessary.

How We Restore Tile and Grout Floors

Maintaining the surface of a tile floor is pretty easy. Its smooth, water-resistant texture makes sweeping and mopping a breeze, and the floor dries very quickly afterwards. The grout in between the tiles, however, is rough and porous, soaking in moisture, dust, dirt and bacteria. Fortunately, preventative measures can be taken to seal the grout, essentially blocking the pores so particles cannot enter.

However, if the grout is already filthy and/or damaged, it must first be cleaned and restored. The Budd Group utilizes high-powered machinery to efficiently and deeply clean tile and grout, restoring the floor to its former glory. This equipment reaches deep into the grout, extracting unwanted or harmful debris that may cause permanent damage to the floor. Once the grout has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, we then seal it so it stays protected from further intrusion for several months to come.

What Types of Tile Floors Do We Restore?

At The Budd Group, our team is equipped to clean every kind of tile floor material, including ceramic, porcelain, limestone and more. We will customize our tile and grout restoration services according to the specific requirements of each and every customer. That way, we can provide the best services possible at the optimal time for each unique facility we serve.

Properly maintaining tile and grout will leave a great impression on employees and guests while ensuring their continued health and safety. Facilities with tile floors should also seek tile and grout restoration services to avoid further costs associated with major floor repairs.

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