Nancy Criscoe

Nancy Criscoe 2013
Columbia, SC
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Nancy Criscoe
Vice President, Organization Development

Nancy Criscoe, Vice President of Organization Development, is responsible for examining, consolidating, creating as needed and implementing field operating processes, with the goal of having consistent processes and systems for the execution of all aspects of field operations in all lines of business. Prior to joining The Budd Group, she spent 30 years in various operational leadership roles with regional and international employers, predominantly in the staffing industry. Nancy was responsible for driving compliance, setting policy, budget development and implementing operational efficiencies in the field.

Her role has been a result of evaluating key success criteria for the future, such as customer requirements for improved process and systems, the need to grow margins, and the desire to create lean practices that are scalable through people, process and technology. This means strategic recruiting and sourcing, retention, performance management, technology, project management and communication. In addition, sustaining success is all about the constant evaluation of field processes, making modifications as needed in order to continue to meet and exceed customer needs as well as all the regulatory guidelines for our industry.