Material Handling

Businesses across all industries must regularly manage, transport, collect, store, and sell various materials to keep their operation running. In a perfect world, these materials could be instantly teleported from one location to another even between short distances. But until such a breakthrough in technology arises, we are bound to our current understanding of physics.

Moving something from point A to point B requires work, whether performed by employees, machines, or both. Of course, these hauling services don’t come free, so optimization is key. The Budd Group’s material handling services are designed to improve a facility’s overall efficiency while also increasing safety.

What is Material Handling?

Material handling describes the process or processes used to haul objects small distances, whether inside a facility itself or to and from a delivery vehicle. This includes processes like stocking shelves and trash removal. Because a business’ materials are valuable and sometimes fragile, a material handling system also factors in methods for protection, safety, control, and proper storage of these items. In other words, material handling isn’t just about moving things, but moving things in a smart, safe, and efficient manner.

Material handling plays an important role in most industrial and commercial facilities. If a business cannot easily move products around or store them in a sensible way, it will lose time, money, and put its employees’ safety at risk. Many industrial plants use automated systems in conjunction with manual labor to handle its materials, including conveyor belts and industrial robots for various applications. Additionally, those in charge of creating a material handling system will adhere to key principles that ensure efficiency. Some of these principles include standardization, unit load, ergonomics, environmental concerns, and life cycle costs.

Materializing a More Efficient Workplace

At The Budd Group, we understand that a business cannot reach its full potential without efficient and safe solutions. We train and employ workers who can competently operate a number of material handling machines, such as forklifts, pallet trucks, pallet jacks, trolleys, and much more. Additionally, our facility maintenance solutions and cleaning services will ensure that your workplace remains spotless and sanitary so your workers can get the job done safely and effectively. Let us help you create and execute a material handling system that works for your operational needs.

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